One Piece is once again crowned the best Weekly Shonen Jump manga in 2023

In the eyes of a Western person, it is very likely that the best-known magazine in all of Japan is the Weekly Shonen Jumpsince many of the sleeves most acclaimed in history. Dragon Ball, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece… Many big names have passed through its pages, and every year the SHUEISHA publishing house is responsible for making it clear which works are the most popular.

Shonen Jump is always published with the ToC (table of contents), a kind of index in which the exact page where the new chapter of the manga you want to read is located. The curious thing is that It also works as a popularity ranking: The manga that is first in the ToC is because last week people voted its previous chapter as the best. Thus SHUEISHA can measure whether a work is generating interest in the public.

The best Shonen Jump manga in 2023

  • In the last hours the user mangaxrepublic leaked the results of Shonen Jump 2023 Wrapped, the definitive ranking that shows which were the most popular/best mangas of this year according to their positions in the ToC ✅
  • As has been customary for many years, One Piece was once again crowned as the magazine’s number 1 work being the one that occupied the first pages of WSJ the most times👑
  • The podium is completed by Sakamoto Days (second) and Jujutsu Kaisen (third)and the truth is that it is surprising that Gege Akutami’s manga was surpassed by Yuto Suzuki’s, and even more so if we take into account everything that happened in the last chapters of the story about sorcerers and curses❗❗❗
  • Another very curious detail is that My Hero Academia was surpassed by Blue Box; a school love story being more successful than one of the best fighting shonen in history, incredible!🤯
  • Oh, and of course it should be noted that here works published in Shonen Jump+ are not includedlike Chainsaw Man, Boruto or Oshi no Ko ❌
  • Below I leave you with an infographic that reflects the entire ranking👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
toc results 2023

WSJ’s upcoming manga anime

It was recently officially confirmed that Blue Blox will make the leap to television in 2024 with its own anime series, so many Weekly Shonen Jump readers are wondering what the next manga will be to be adapted to that format. Considering that Kagurabachi still has a long way to go, The strongest candidates to take the big step are Witch Watch and Akane-banashiDon’t you think the same?

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