One Piece Latin Dubbing: Premiere and Latest News 2023

One Piece has 1060 chapters, of which only 325 chapters They were dubbed into Latin Spanish, this is equivalent to 5 of the 14 seasons that the anime is divided into. The company that is in charge of the Spanish version is Toei Animationthe dubbing so far was divided into 3 parts: chapters 1-130 (2019-2020), chapters 131-206 (2021) and chapters 207-325 (2022).

It is worth mentioning that one piece already had a dubbing, which unfortunately used the censored version of 4Kidsthat you made the mistake of using 143 chaptersremoving many parts so that only remains 104 chapterscutting violent parts to attract a child audience.

One Piece Latin Dubbing

The following chapters that will be dubbed are from the 326 to 384which belongs to the Thriller Bark Saga, remember that the same Netflix announced that it intends to dub all the anime and every year they release an average of 100 chapters with dubbing. Due to the delay of the new dubbing, it is most likely that they will double until the Saga of the War in the Summit that ends in the chapter 516which would be released in late 2023 or early 2014.

One Piece – Availability:

One Piece has 1060 chapters, of which only 325 chapters They have Latin dubbing, you can see these in NetflixIn addition, this platform has the movies One Piece Film: Z and One Piece Film: Strong World; as well as the special One Piece: Alabasta Episode and One Piece: Chopper Plus Episode, all with their respective dubbing.

In HBO Max you will be able to see 130 dubbed chapters, also the movies One Piece: Stampede and One Piece Gold – The movie; finally clearvideo It has only 61 chapters available in Latin Spanish.

Acquisition Platform episodes Movies and Specials Country
October 12, 2020 Netflix 1-325 One Piece Film: Z, One Piece Film: Strong World, One Piece: Alabasta Episode, One Piece: Chopper Plus Episode. Latin America
May 9, 2022 HBO Max 1-130 One Piece: Stampede, One Piece Gold – The Movie.
September 16, 2022 clearvideo 1-61

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Latest News About Latino Dubbing

On Tuesday, March 28, 2023, the film One Piece Film Red will hit digital video stores in Microsoft, VOODOO and iTunes Movies. Through the Microsoft Store it will only be available for Mexico and Brazil, but through iTunes it will be available in all LATAM countries in the region, with their respective Latin dubbing.

– 03/28/23

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