One Piece premieres an incredible collaboration with Burguer King, will it arrive in Spain?

Taking into account that One Piece It is one of the most popular franchises of all time when it comes to leisure, culture and entertainment, it is very normal that thousands of companies want to set up collaborations to attract your customers. In recent months we have seen gyms, watches, jewelry and fashion chains use the image of Luffy and company to promote their products, and now it is the turn of Burger King.

The eternal rival of McDonald’s has just released a very special collaboration with One Piece that allows all fans of hamburgers, soft drinks and fries to feel like the King of the Pirates while enjoying a good meal.

This is the delicious collaboration between One Piece and Burguer King

  • Since yesterday, all establishments Burger King from France They have a couple available menus dedicated to the One Piece anime ❗❗
  • He Luffy Menu includes a drink, fries and special grilled beef burger, barbecue sauce, fried onion and many other ingredients that would make the mugiwara captain drool; And it also comes with a limited edition white t-shirt!🍔
  • He Sanji Menu It offers a drink, potatoes and a burger of 100% crispy chicken fillets, whole grain mustard sauce, melted onion and many other ingredients as refined as the cuisine of Zeff’s disciple; And it also comes with a limited edition black t-shirt!🍔
  • To take advantage of the opportunity, Burger King also made its own Jolly Rogerthe logo they would have on their flag if they were real pirates🏴‍☠️
  • And be careful because the thing does not end here, since the little ones can get envelopes with One Piece collectible cards If you order King Junior menus📗📕

Will this collaboration reach Spain?

Right now Everything seems to indicate that this crossover between One Piece and Burger King is exclusive to Franceand It doesn’t look like it’s going to arrive in Spain.. It should also be noted that Eiichiro Oda’s work is especially popular in the French country, which is why these types of promotions are usually carried out.

However, I am sure that if Spanish fans begin to pressure Burguer King through social networks, it could be possible for the company to study doing something similar in our country.

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