One Piece Reveals the Cover of Manga Volume 108, and It Looks Really Incredible

One Piece” entered the ‘Final Saga’ of its history a few long months ago, which implies that little by little the manga covers have had to reflect this leap with respect to the Wano era. Well, volume 108 of the manga completely immerses itself in everything related to Egghead’s stage, and it is that The first look at the cover of said volume makes it very clear the composition that Eiichiro Oda had in mind when giving it shape.

The new volume of One Piece arrives soon, and there is already a first official look at it

Without further ado, I am going to leave you with a short official video in which you can see how Eiichiro Oda has created step by step the cover of volume 108 of the “One Piece” manga (via @newworldartur):

And in case anyone wants to see simply the final result of the cover for volume 108 of the “One Piece” manga, I leave it below:

one piece
This is what the cover of volume 108 of the manga will look like

After this, I have to say that we must take into account a couple of things regarding the next volume of the manga:

  • To begin, keep in mind that The ‘final’ version shown in the video and image is actually a draft. That is, by the time volume 108 of the One Piece manga sees the light, obviously the cover will end up being the same but with the proper finish that the final product requires. 😉
  • And when will we be able to see what the final version looks like? Well, although it will surely begin to circulate on the Internet sooner, it will be with the scheduled arrival of volume 108 of the manga for March 4, 2024 that there will no longer be room for doubt. Of course, this release date refers only to Japan, so in the West we will have to wait a few more months (no news). 😅

Ultimately, I will simply comment that Eiichiro Oda has done a great job for synthesize the most relevant faces about how much volume 108 of the “One Piece” manga will contain. Obviously you could always remove it and add some other element to taste, but in general I think that little can be said against a volume as immersed in the whole Egghead theme as this one is.

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