One Piece will soon release unpublished stories of Nami, Robin, Uta and more female characters

One Piece“has a gigantic cast of female characters, two of them being Nami and Robin, who definitely always occupy a central place in Eiichiro Oda’s work. However, it is true that many of these faces may pale in depth in their stories compared to the predominant presence of the male characters. Fortunately, “One Piece” will continue to compensate for this through a new volume of One Piece novel Heroines.

The novel focused on the female characters of One Piece returns this year

One Piece novel Heroines It is a novel that debuted in 2021 collecting stories about Nami, Robin, Vivi and Perona. Now, it has been confirmed (via ANN) that said novel will return this year with more stories. This is all you need to know about it:

  • The new volume of One Piece novel Heroines will be released during the March 4, 2024. 😎
  • Jun Esaka, who already wrote the first of the novels as well as others within the Naruto Retsuden line, will be in charge of the chapters on this occasion. On the other hand, Sayaka Suwa He will return to continue illustrating One Piece novel Heroines as he did at the time. 😉
One Piece novel Heroines
This is what the first cover of One Piece novel Heroines looked like
  • In addition, the different stories are also known included in this new volume of One Piece novel Heroines, and they are the following:
    • Hancock episode: It’s about the return of Hancock’s subordinate, a love story and a hurricane.
    • Tashigi Episode: The character is seen teaching his sword technique to a girl.
    • Reiju Episode: A story with Reiju and his brothers cooking when there is no cook available.
    • Episode Uta: Uta is seen singing a new song while thinking about Shanks and his crew.
    • Extra Episode: Focused on Nami and Robin, it shows how the two pirates take care of each other on the high seas with the help of Chopper and Brook

Obviously, we are talking about the One Piece novel Heroines being more of a collection of short stories, but Although it is secondary content, it is a way to get closer to the female characters of “One Piece” in a way that normally cannot be. With all the plots active today in Eiichiro Oda’s work, it is clear that thinking about giving the focus to some of the names mentioned is unlikely, so if you are one of those who enjoys the girls from “One Piece”, it might be worth keeping an eye out for that March 4th.

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