One Piece’s Gear 5 is the perfect power for Luffy, but it has a big problem

Throughout its more than 25 years of history, One Piece It was characterized by offering us a lot of very surprising script twists and epic moments that many will never forget. Of all of them, one of the most recent and impressive was the revelation of the Gear 5Luffy’s definitive transformation that turns him into Nika, the Sun God. However, not all fans liked this power.

Today There are many users who are still dissatisfied with fifth gear of Luffy, claiming that the character needed a more serious “power up.” Personally, I couldn’t disagree more with this statement. Gear 5 is the PERFECT power for a protagonist like Straw Hat, one that takes advantage of the creativity and fun that the character has been exuding since the Romance Dawn saga. However, I must admit that yes, I see a big problem.

The big flaw I see in Luffy’s Gear 5

  • The fifth gear allows the protagonist of One Piece to have access “to the most ridiculous power in the world”, one that You are only limited by your own imagination.😁
  • Luffy is capable of turning giant, making the ground elastic, hitting his enemies with attacks that seem straight out of Tom and Jerry… His freedom when attacking seems to have no end❓
  • And that’s where I see a big problem: the Gear 5 gives access to incredible power but It does not have any handicap that limits its use❗❗
  • The Gear 5 and Gear 4 are almost the same in this regard; If Luffy spends a lot of time with these transformations he ends up exhausted (or old) and You need to rest for about 10 minutes to be fully recovered. (in addition to eating in large quantities)🤔
  • Personally I feel like Eiichiro Oda has given him a power that is “too broken” to its protagonist and today I can’t imagine anyone being able to beat him; when Luffy loses We have to deal with an impasse in which we have to wait until it recovers.and that resource makes me quite tired👎🏻👎🏻

Do you remember when it was said in Ennies Lobby that Luffy shortened his life expectancy by abusing Gear 2?Where the hell was that concept? By introducing that element you can create a sense of risk that makes the reader tense as Luffy fights with everything he has. However, as the years went by, this “limit” became a simple break to catch one’s breath and regain strength with a meal.

I would like us to see some kind of real consequence in the future for cases in which Luffy overuses Gear 5.. Using a divine power should have some kind of handicap, don’t you think?

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