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One Punch Man Finally Reveals Tatsumaki’s Underwear

There is no doubt that we are facing the most anticipated story arc of the entire manga written by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata, one punch man. Its about arc covering the confrontation between Tatsumaki and Saitamaderived from the fact that she does not consider Saitama to be the right person to be close to her sister Fubuki, since she has noticed that they are constantly together.

Of course, romance is the last thing fans of one punch man they would expect to see in the work, and it is just a misunderstanding that has made the manga the most discussed every time a new chapter is released in Japan. Today chapter 179 of the work has finally arrived, and as the chapter continues and we finally saw Speed-o’-Sound Sonic againthere was a detail that immediately caught the attention of fans.

one punch man
one punch man

Tatsumaki He is a controversial character among that mob of people on Twitter who over-analyzes things, and it is that they assure that it is a “hook to attract pedophiles” due to its childish appearance and its “over-exposure“. In fact, they are right in the fact that Tatsumaki shows wholesale meat, and it has also generated debates among fans, not because it is controversial, but they wonder what underwear the character is wearing.

And we explain to you, well It turns out that Tatsumaki wears an open-sided dress that usually exposes her bare thighs and hips.. Because she flies all the time, her dress moves all over the place, but she apparently keeps it steady in the crotch without actually showing what she’s wearing underneath. A lot of theories have been generated in this regard, and the most accepted is that she is wearing a “c-string” type thong, which does not use straps and is completely firm.

But the fans couldn’t believe what they saw today, And it turns out that Tatsumaki is wearing completely normal panties! There is a scene in which Tatsumaki stomps on the wall of King’s apartment, to stop his progress and turn around. This is when her dress finally lifts up, revealing to the disbelieving onlooker that she was wearing a normal pair of panties all along.

Even in the next panel we can see that Tatsumaki flies away and you can see the edge of her panties on her butt, indicating that it is completely ordinary panties. To top it off, King thinks after this: «パンツ見えた (I just looked at her panties)».

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