One Punch Man receives a tribute in the form of an absolutely incredible mural

One Punch Man” has been one of the most followed franchises in the manga and anime industry for years, even if its presence in the latter sector has cooled considerably compared to when it started. Indeed, season 3 of the “One Punch Man” anime “It looks like it’s still quite far from being released, but luckily the manga continues to advance at its own pace. Now It’s time for volume 30, and to celebrate it there has been a small tribute to the franchise that is simply spectacular.

This is the tremendous One Punch Man mural that has been created with thousands of its panels

Without further ado, I leave you below with the images he has shared @Everything_OPM_ about the brutal promotional event that “One Punch Man” has received:

And for those who are curious, I’ll comment on four things about this:

  • If you want to see more of these murals, I invite you to visit this thread @eccor23233, which includes many different captures like the ones you can see in the images. 🤩
  • In case it is not very clear from the images, this project consisted of the following: combine thousands of One Punch Man panels to create promotional ‘illustrations’ of the franchise’s characters. 🥰
  • The reason for this tribute is the launch of the volume 30 of the manga, which was released in Japan on March 4, 2024. 😎
  • Where can these murals be found? Well at Umeda station, apparently on the second floor of the station and near the line that connects with Osaka. @eccor23233 It is recommended to visit this area during the week during low work hours, otherwise it may be difficult to properly appreciate the panels in question. 🤔
  • Personally, I find it ridiculously funny that for To create the whites of the illustrations, panels of Saitama’s bald head were used almost exclusively.. Simply magic. 🤣

If promotions like this demonstrate anything, it is that although “One Punch Man” may not sound as loud as other manga and anime franchises today, the reality is that it is still one of the most popular brands, especially in Japan. That is why I am convinced that when season 3 is released, assuming that the production is better than the second season was, the story of Saitama and company will take off again worldwide. We will have to be patient, but the time will come.

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