OP KULTUR is born, an ambitious fan project to find all the real world references in One Piece

Taking into account that One Piece It is the largest manganime in history, it is normal that its fan community is gigantic and encompasses millions and millions of people. Within this fandom all types of artists coexist, and from time to time, some of them have the initiative to start great projects for the enjoyment of others. Today I want to talk to you about a new case, that of OP KULTUR.

Yesterday morning the user Kawamatsu95 (Young Cap | One Piece), a well-known content creator of French origin and specialized in One Piece, announced his new and ambitious fan project on his social networks: OP KULTUR, THE GOLDEN AGE OF CULTURE. What is it about and why is it so interesting?

This will be OP KULTUR, the new great One Piece fan-made project

fan made
  • OP KULTUR It is a project in which the aim is Collect ALL the real-world references and inspirations included in One Piece ❗❗❗
  • To carry it out, this user started the series from scratch a month ago to search and write down the more than 1000 references that exist in the work of Eiichiro Oda😯
  • The research covers from the East Blue saga to the Final Saga
  • All OP KULTUR content will be shared for free with fans via 1-minute videos posted on TikTok, YouTube Shorts and X (Twitter)🎬
  • This project is expected to launch sometime this month March📅

Honestly, it seems wonderful to me that these types of initiatives come from the fans themselves, since then it is most likely that they are made with great passion. If you want to be aware of all the details about OP KULTUR, I recommend you consult the profile of Kawamatsu65. He is quite an artist!

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