Origin, the manga by the Dr. Stone artist, will have its own Hollywood live-action

Anime fans We have almost always looked down on live-action adaptations of Japanese works. And in recent years we have seen really bad products that lost the essence of the original story. However, the situation has changed since the successful premiere of “One Piece”. Now, a work related to “Dr. Stone” is getting its own Hollywood movie.

The lucky one is “Origin“, a manga that the artist shares with the story of Senku. Below, I will tell you everything in more detail, according to the information collected by Manga Mogura RE.

Origin manga

Origin, the manga by the Dr. Stone artist that gets its live-action

This is all the information about it:

  • He “Origin” manga will have its own Hollywood live-action. ❗️
  • Being more concrete, we are talking about a live action movie. 🎬
  • The project was just announced, so we haven’t been given any dates. Therefore, we can assume that the feature film It could take years to reach theaters. ⏳
  • “Origin” is a manga written and drawn by Boichi. Within this man’s extensive resume, it stands out that he is the “Dr. Stone” cartoonist. 🎨
  • So that… Maybe this brings us a little closer to a live-action “Dr. Stone”?
  • This manga, whose synopsis you have a little below, was published in Spain by Panini in 2018. It arrived to us in 10 volumes that you can buy by following the link that I have left you. 📚

Origin Synopsis

“Tokyo, 2048. Japan has been connected to the Eurasian continent by a transcontinental train. The capital, Tokyo, has become a nest of terrorists and criminals. In the darkness of the megalopolis a strange presence attacks and murders people without leaving trail, one night after another… What are those “non-human things” that live and hide in the human world? And who is Origin, the person who confronts them?”

And here comes the information about the live-action movie of “Origin”. Now, I would like to ask you… Are you excited about this project? Would you like it if “Dr. Stone” also jumped into live action? I invite you to comment on all this in the comments. I read you!

Before finishing, I remind you that it is the live-action of “Yu Yu Hakusho” is about to premiere on Netflix. This one just left us a new trailer…and it’s not at all clear that it’s going to be a good series.

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