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Otaku recommends Overflow in a school assignment — Kudasai

In a story that has captured the attention of social media, a photograph of a wall newspaper in a school, apparently related to an English assignment, has gone viral. The image was taken at an educational institution, possibly a high school or university, and shows a job that focuses on recommending an anime. However, what has generated quite a stir is the unusual choice of a series, “Overflow,” that is intended for an adult audience (i.e., it is a hentai).


The assignment, which aimed to reinforce English writing, asked students to recommend an anime. In this context, one of the students opted for “Overflow,” a series that is characterized by its adult content. What has made this choice especially notable is that the student cleverly omitted the most spicy details in the synopsis he provided:

  • In “Overflow,” the quiet life of Kazushi Sudou, a university student, takes an unexpected turn when his childhood friends, sisters Ayane and Kotone Shirakawa, appear. However, forgetfulness and misunderstandings cause comical and compromising situations, especially when the bathroom becomes a scene of revenge. Kazushi must confront these entanglements and challenge her self-control amidst comedic and daring moments. Join us on this journey where friendship is mixed with unusual situations.

The text deliberately omits the most explicit aspects of the plot, which led the teacher who reviewed the assignment to not realize the more adult nature of the anime in question. The clever and ambiguous wording allowed the student to recommend a series with content inappropriate for a school setting without anyone noticing.

The photo of the wall newspaper has gone viral on social media, generating a wide variety of reactions and funny comments. Although the student’s choice may have been unusual, it has proven to be a source of entertainment and laughter for those who have learned the story. This anecdote will serve as a lesson in humor and caution for future media recommendation tasks in educational settings.

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