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Palworld players want to fuck the creatures — Kudasai

It seems that players of the popular survival video game “Palworld“they are requesting the developer”the ability to mate between humans and Pals“, that is to say, have sex with creatures. Although it is not clear if they are asking for it seriously, it seems that there is a strong curiosity and a feeling of lust among some players towards the creature designs, as reported by Rock Paper Shotgun.


“Palworld” is a survival video game currently available on Xbox One/Xbox Series/PC (Steam/Microsoft Store). The story takes place on the Palpagos Islands, where the mysterious creatures known as Pals live. Different types of these creatures live in the different biomes of the islands, and it is said that there are hundreds of types of them, including subspecies, bosses, legendary and unique. Players can capture the Pals in many different forms as they try to survive on the island and continue their adventures.

There are also residents and poachers on the Palpagos Islands. Although it is considered “inhumane” to do so, players can also capture and use humans themselves. Although these are only suitable for manual work at Level 1, they can be used in the same way as the Pals in the base.

However, unlike the Pal, humans cannot be placed on a breeding farm. A breeding farm is one of the facilities that can be built on a base. The creatures can be male or female of any type, and can reproduce with each other through these facilities. On the other hand, humans cannot be placed on a breeding farm, perhaps because it is not specified whether they are male or female.

In response to this, some social media users have expressed their wish, whether jokingly or seriously, that humans could mate with Pals. Twitter users have shared their ideas crossing humans and Pals. It’s about a mad scientist’s idea of ​​creating a half-human, half-Pal creature.

Additionally, some social media users are passionately targeting specific Pals and calling for a pairing feature to be implemented. The muscular or slender limbs and the thiccness of some of the humanoid Pals seem to arouse the lust of some players. These users seem to want the act of mating between Pals and humans to appear as an element of the game itself.


Perhaps due to the unusual element of being able to capture humans, some users have expressed a desire to implement a mating feature with Pals. This title is currently in early access distribution and new elements will be implemented in the future. Will the developers heed this unusual request?

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