Panini Manga to Publish Cupid ni Rakurai

Panini Manga to Publish Cupid ni Rakurai

Panini Manga kicked off this Christmas week with the announcement of a new manga title for its catalogue. It is about Cupid ni Rakuraia series boys love with which the publisher returns to bet on Minta Suzumaru, author of Golden Sparkle and I didn’t want to fall in love. The work will arrive in our country next month of March 2023 in a dustjacketed paperback edition, B6 format (13 x 18 cm.) and a price of €8.95 each volume.

Minta Suzumaru began the publication of this story in 2017 on the pages of the magazine cabin from the publisher Tokyo Mangashafinishing the work with a total of 2 compilation volumes.

Nagata Shingo plays cupid at school by investigating the target of affection. He finds out what his ideal type is, his favorite food, he gives advice when needed and gets food as a reward.

One day, a group of girls who are attracted to “ice princes” ask him to find out the cause of the huge scar on cold Ao’s forehead.

Fountain: Panini Manga

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