Persona 3 Reload has one of the best current studios for its anime scenes

Atlus did not want to neglect even the slightest detail regarding a remake highly anticipated by the fandom

Persona 3 Reload It goes on sale today in the video game sector, and as expected it has a good handful of anime scenes to its name. At the end of the day, we must remember that The franchise has even had animes adapting its stories., although these cannot be said to have been as successful as the original products. In any case, what is clear is that in Atlus They wanted everything to be perfect with Persona 3 Reload, and that’s why they even hired WIT Studio.

WIT Studio has been one of the best anime studios for years, and now you can find it in Persona

It was the tweet from @ScrambledFaz the one that has set off alarms about the confirmation of WIT Studio as the person in charge of the anime scenes of Persona 3 Reload:

  • What is WIT Studio in case you are not very into anime? Well, neither more nor less than one of the reference studies for years, with productions such as Spy x Family (with CloverWorks) or Ranking of Kings as some of their most recent greatest hits. 😎
  • On the other hand, the truth is that WIT Studio is also known for having made the first seasons of global hits such as Shingeki no Kyojin and Vinland Saga. Come on, they have been central to the anime scene during the last decade. 😮
  • Is Persona 3 Reload the only video game for which WIT Studio has worked on its anime cinematics? Well no, it can also be mentioned here Tales of the Rays or Princess Connect! Re:Dive. What is clear is that Persona 3 Reload IS the biggest success for which WIT Studio has created the anime scenes. 🤔

Obviously it is not quite the same to appreciate the work as such, but below I leave you the opening cinematic of Persona 3 Reload which, indeed, has been created by WIT Studio:

The truth is, it is quite a surprise to discover that WIT Studio has worked on Persona 3 Reload, especially since this year the Japanese studio already has several projects to its name. Among these I can mention the anime of “Isekai Suicide Squad”, “Moonrise” or “Great Pretender: razbliuto”, so they have really had to work hard to make room for Persona 3 Reload. The only thing I hope is that the animators haven’t lost their minds in managing to put it all together.

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