Pillar Training release date and new trailer for the anime

Kimetsu no Yaiba“is back. In fact, it’s been back for a few weeks now with the premiere of ‘Heading to Pillars Training‘, that film that has allowed us to warm up our engines by debuting the first episode of the new anime season that arrives in spring. Of course, it must be said that on this occasion the anime It will take a little longer to release than usuala fact that has been confirmed with the new batch of news about the Pillars Training arc.

Everything you need to know about the premiere of Pillar Training, the new Kimetsu no Yaiba anime

Before moving on to the information itself, let me leave you with what it is about. new official trailer by the Pillar Training anime:

And now, write down all the information that is known about the new premiere of the “Kimetsu no Yaiba” anime (via WSJ_Manga):

  • We must start with the most important fact of the day: The Kimetsu no Yaiba Pillars Training anime premieres on May 12, 2024. 😎
  • Indeed, this is a date about a month later than usual for spring animes. Why was such a premiere chosen? Personally I have 2 theories:
    • One option is that wanted to separate something more from the theatrical release of Kimetsu no Yaiba: Heading to the Training of the Pillarsbecause at the end of the day the film is still active in some regions of the world.
    • Another option is that, as seems logical, this anime season will last less than usual. In this sense, even though the anime itself starts in May, it should not be ruled out that it ends in July, as will happen with the majority of spring anime that begin broadcasting in April.
  • Remember that The Pillar Training arc is by far the shortest in Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga, and it’s already surprising enough that the first episode of the anime is a 1-hour special that even includes original scenes. In this sense I want to clarify that The length of this anime season has NOT been confirmed, but this ‘delayed’ premiere seems to be further proof that a season of 6-7 episodes will surely await us. 🤔

The truth is that knowing how “Kimetsu no Yaiba” is going to be managed today is one of the most complicated tasks that exist in the anime industry. The success of the Kamado brothers’ story has transcended such barriers that content is usually announced that would not be possible with most animes, without going any further the ‘Heading to’ films. Having said all this, it seems clear that we will have to wait until April-May for things to be a little clearer regarding the extension that the ‘Training of the Pillars’ anime will have.

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