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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet x ITZY: Find your Journey!

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under the motto of «Find your Journey» (Find Your Way), Pokemon Scarlet and Violet unveiled their latest collaboration with the renowned female K-Pop group ITZY. In the past, the interpreters of the theme “wannabe” have already been part of some franchise announcements such as the launch of “Pokemon Legend: Arceus” and MOBA events “Pokemon Unite”. The great 30-second preview lets us see everything that the ninth generation of the saga seeks to offer us this November 18.

Everything is possible!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Find your way!

Premiered today on the YouTube channel of Pokemon Asia ENGthe announcement invites us to be expectant of all the news that Game Freak Y The Pokemon Company they have been showing us during all these months prior to the premiere of their latest installment. Accompanying the nice video of the members of ITZY we could read the following description about the game:

The best features of the Pokemon series have been kept for the premiere of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Now the adventure has evolved to a new level! In the vast geography of the Paldea region, which Pokémon will you choose, who will you meet, and how many adventures await you?

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

And as they have made clear from the beginning, the franchise will seek that in this new installment “everything is possible” As the slogan of the commercial mentions: Everything is possible!. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet we must attend Orange Academy wave Grape Academy (depending on version) located in Plateau City, the heart of palea. In this institute an extracurricular project will be carried out which has the name: “Treasure Hunt”.

It is here that the ninth generation will look for your trip to be “at your own pace” giving you up to three different game modes in your adventure:

  • Victory Voyage – The Champion’s Path!: Here you will experience the classic quest for the champion title. Visit the gyms, defeat the leaders and pass the champion exam to consecrate yourself with the rank of the best trainer in Paldea.
  • legendary path: One of your students and fellow travellers, Damien, wishes to continue his research for unique recipes for Pokemon. There are rare hidden spices in Paldea that are protected by dominant Pokemon. Offer him your help and in return he will prepare some delicious recipes for you and your creatures!
  • Via Stardust: The trainers will have to face Team Star, a group of rebellious students who are dedicated to sowing chaos in the Academy and throughout Paldea. Each base they are in has its own ringleader. Defeat everyone and challenge the boss and his mysterious «Autostar»!

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Remember that if you want to know more about this new installment or obtain exclusive benefits if you reserve the game from today, you can visit the official website of the game in Latin America:

Bye, bye!

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