Process of Elimination will go on sale on April 14

Process of Elimination will go on sale on April 14

The distributor NIS America announced through a trailerfocused on the story of the game, the departure date of Process of Elimination. This deduction game will come out for Playstation 4 Y nintendoswitch the April 14th in Europe with texts in english and audio. Along with the announcement, the distributor revealed the edition deluxe of the game, available to reserve through the Web from the video game company. This edition includes a game copya art book and a box of collector.

Process of Elimination was published on May 27 in Japan. In this game the player will have to research several crimes, collecting clues in different locations, with the help of up to 13 detectives. To do this, the game offers the player an interactive map where they can analyze critical information on each crime and put the pieces of this macabre mystery together.

Process of Elimination

The Quartering Duke, an infamous serial killer with over a hundred victims, has thrown the country into chaos with his heinous acts. To put an end to his murder spree, the “Detective Alliance”, made up of the best detectives in the world, has come together to find out and subdue him.

However, in a series of unforeseen events, an aspiring detective named Wato Hojo stumbles upon their operations. He joins the Detective Alliance on the mysterious island of Morgue to investigate the Duke of Garrison, only to make the shocking discovery that his target is lurking among them! Will these detectives be able to prove their innocence and reveal the identity of the Quartering Duke before the case goes cold?

Font: Gematsu

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