Protect Jujutsu Kaisen leakers? Users unite to avoid the closure of Twitter accounts

In recent days there have been many comments regarding the sleeve filter arrests that took place in Japan this past weekend, and as a result there were closures of accounts ‘specialized’ in “One Piece” and generally Shonen Jump-related content. Well, there is a specific account of “Jujutsu Kaisen” with which many users have solidarity to prevent it from potentially ending up closing due to police action.

A Jujutsu Kaisen leaker has a fanbase willing to do anything to protect him

Has been @Go_Joverwho precisely changed his @ on Twitter in light of recent events, who has shared how Several of his fans are creating clone accounts of his previous @ to try to ‘mislead’ the police:

jujutsu kaisen
The clones of the leaker who try to ‘protect’ it from a possible closure

The truth is that some context can be added to this surreal situation:

  • The leaker himself assures that, in the event that his account ends up closing as has already happened with others, the truth is that have another security account ready to use as a substitute. 😶
  • In addition, @Go_Jover also explains that In the past he has already seen one of his Twitter accounts canceled and, as can be seen, it did not take him too long to end up returning to the routine of leaks. 😅
  • Obviously, this suggests even more clearly that Those arrested by Japanese police are far from the only ones acting from the Land of the Rising Sun to illegally provide Shonen Jump material.. That is to say, something more will be needed to achieve what should be the final objective of Shueisha and of all those directly involved with manga production: avoiding any kind of content leak. 🙄

This situation is quite surreal if I have to be honest, although judging by what the “Jujutsu Kaisen” leaker says, one doesn’t know whether to take all this seriously or if they are beginning to see everything more ironically. Obviously several days have passed and the account @Go_Jover still active, in fact even publishing leaks from “Jujutsu Kaisen” itself. What seems clear is that with the police and Shueisha collaborating in Japan to continue the investigation into the manga leaks, we still haven’t seen the last of this whole story.

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