Providence can now be seen on Crunchyroll

Psycho-Pass“is a franchise that has a lot of followers around the world. Last summer, all Spanish fans were able to meet in movie theaters To enjoy “Psycho-Pass: Providence”, the most recent film in the franchise. I have no doubt that it was a gift for them to be able to enjoy this story on the big screen.

Almost 4 months have passed since its release in theaters in Spain, and now… “Psycho-Pass: Providence” can now be streamed on Crunchyroll! The platform itself has been in charge of communicate this great news. Below, I tell you about all this in a little more detail.

Psycho-Pass Providence poster

Psycho-Pass: Providence joins the Crunchyroll catalog

This is all the information about it:

  • Psycho-Pass: Providence” arrived in theaters in Spain on August 18. 🎞
  • The film can be seen on Crunchyroll from today, December 16. 🖥
  • That is, they have needed 4 months for it to be seen on the platform, and be able to enjoy it again (or for the first time, if you didn’t go to the cinema). ✅
  • For now, the feature film can only be seen on VOSE (There is also audio in English or German, in case anyone prefers it). That is, there is no option to enjoy it in Spanish. 🗣
  • If you want to see the movie trailer, I leave it under this list. 👀
  • Finally, I attach the link to watch “Psycho-Pass: Providence” on Crunchyroll. ⭐️

And here comes the information about the “Psycho-Pass: Providence” premieres on Crunchyroll. Now, I would like to ask you… are you going to see the movie? Will it be the first time? Or have you already gone to the cinema? I invite you to share your case in the comments. I read you!

Before finishing, I remind you that Another film released by Crunchyroll in theaters recently landed on the platform. It is about nothing more and nothing less than “Suzume”the most recent work of the well-known and award-winning Makoto Shinkai (“your name.”, “The time with you”, etc.).

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