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PS5 exclusivity aims to be 6 months

Playstation 5 - Play Like Never Before


Final Fantasy XVI, title developed by Creative Business Unit III and edited by Square Enix, is news today since a PlayStation commercial suggests that the exclusivity with the Sony console will be only 6 months after its premiere. The edition no. 16 of Square’s best-known franchise, was announced for PlayStation assuming that its launch will also be compatible at some point.

Does this confirm an XBOX version?

Final Fantasy XVI – Made in PlayStation Trailer

The news came from a video released on the channel Youtube of PlayStation in which we looked at several titles that can be played with certain special features of Sony’s next-generation console.

Here we could see:

  • NBA 2K23.
  • FIFA 23.
  • The Last of Us – Part I.
  • God of War: Ragnarok.

And finally some brief scenes from Final Fantasy XVI accompanied by a small legend in which you can read:

Anticipated release date in Summer 2023. Exclusive to PS5 for 6 months.

final fantasy xvi

It is this small piece of text that has confirmed that the exclusivity on consoles is considerably shorter compared to what happened with the premiere of the Remake of Final Fantasy 7.

Still without confirmation from Square Enix itself, it remains to be seen if this information confirms an upcoming version for the Microsoft console or only reaffirms its later launch in pc.

final fantasy xvi

Definitely, FINAL FANTASY XV is the return to the tonal origins of the saga released in 1987. Kingdoms full of fantasy and a well-constructed story is what fans have been asking for for a long time.

Is this a return to the origins? Only time will tell.

Remember that if you want to know more about FINAL FANTASY XV You just have to enter its official website:

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