Publication date of chapter 96 of Takehiko Inoue’s manga

Takehiko Inoue has been recovering his activity as surely few anticipated over the last year, first directing an entire movie such that “The First Slam Dunk“and then leaving new chapters of the manga of “Real.” Well, it seems that the good news for the author’s followers continues to accumulate, and it has already been confirmed the release date of a chapter 96 for “Real” that arrives this same month of February.

There are less than two weeks until Real publishes its new manga chapter

Next I leave you with the information that has picked up MangaMogura about this return of “Real”:

  • Basically, it has been confirmed that Chapter 96 of Real’s manga will be published on February 22, 2024 in Weekly Young Jump magazine. That is, there are only 12 days left until Takehiko Inoue’s magic returns once again. 😉
Another chapter of Real will come out of the oven in just over 10 days
  • On the other hand, it has also been confirmed that Real’s return will take place along with a color home page. That is, it will be given more attention than simply as if it were just another (and normal) publication. 😎
  • The truth is that with the publication of chapter 96 of Real, this will already be the third chapter of the manga to be published in less than a year. Obviously, this is a much higher pace than the fandom has become accustomed to receiving material from Takehiko Inoue, which again added to the direction of The First Slam Dunk would lead one to think that the mangaka is in a great personal moment. today. 🥰

It is clear that Takehiko Inoue’s last two decades have not been easy, especially because between physical problems and personal motivation, the author entered a stage in which he was hardly able to get down to work as before. It must be said, of course, that some recent statements by Inoue-sensei suggested that not only was she going to continue working diligently on “Real” but that His return to “Vagabond”, surely the most anticipated of all, was no longer a utopia. Obviously nothing can be taken for granted, but for the first time in a long time things are looking really good for Inoue-sensei.

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