Quaterni will publish the manga Hinatsuba

Quaterni will publish the manga Hinatsuba

The last friday Quaterni Editorial through his Twitter account revealed a new manga title for your catalog. Is about hinatsubaa unique volume written and drawn by Kouichi Masahara about a single female dojo student in the late mid-19th century. Soon the publisher will offer details about the edition and release date of this title.

Kouichi Masaharausual mangaka of historical mangas began the publication of hinatsuba in the year 2018 on the pages of the magazine Comic Ran from the publisher read. The work was collected in a single volume after the completion of its serialization.

Last years of the Tokugawa shogunate in the capital of Edo (now Tokyo). Uncomfortable with society’s expectations of her gender, Suzu Kanchiku becomes the only woman in a sword training school and tirelessly dedicates herself to her art until she can even defeat the men. Outside the confines of the dojo, she faces other challenges, such as samurai seeking to woo her, and she carves her own path for herself as she realizes what it means to “live like a woman” in the age of she.

Through the lives of martial arts masters, prostitutes, shop assistants, Buddhist nuns, and swords-for-hire, Hinatsuba conveys the strength, resilience, and kindness of the various women living in Edo in the late mid-19th century.

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