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Ramen Anime Awards 2022

Another year slips away from us almost without us realizing it. One in which, as usual, the anime grid has been overflowing during its four seasons. Making a review of what this 2022 has left us In order to find the candidates for the “Ramen Anime Awards”, we find series and movies of all kinds, and for all tastes. This made it difficult to decide which ones should be on this list.

The operation of these awards is very simple. exist four categories different and from the newsroom the ones that seem most appropriate to win in each of them are proposed and voted on. Below you can see a description of each one:

  • Gourmet Ramen: which we consider to have been the best anime released during the year.
  • Ramen Fusion: the series or movie that turned out to be the surprise of the year.
  • Oily Ramen: the anime from which much was expected, but it turned out to be a disappointment.
  • Burnt Ramen: the worst anime of the year, the one that there is nowhere to catch it.

So, without further ado, we leave you with the chosen ones for this year 2022 for each of the categories:

Gourmet Ramen: Chainsaw Man

The animated adaptation of the great work of Tatsuki Fujimoto It was one of the most anticipated events of the year all over the world. Despite the fact that in some of the advances the alarms were raised by the fandom due to the CGI, with the study MAPPA behind it there was little doubt that the project was going to have a good quality and that it would do justice to the original manga. And in fact, it was. Chainsaw Man It has arrived just for this 2022 to end in style and it has become the best anime of the year in its own right.

Tuesday after Tuesday, anime fans have been glued to our screens to see in action Denji, power, here, Makima and company. The experience has been a delight and it is that, when MAPPA puts all the meat on the grill, shows that it is one of the most fit studios today. The animation, the character design, the soundtrack… Everything is good in Chainsaw Man. Besides, each of the endings is a masterpiece.

Ramen Fusion: Lycoris Recoil

With the arrival of the end of the year of 2021, the animation studio A-1 Pictures announced the production of a new original project called Lycoris Recoil what would be the debut of shingo adachi as director. At that time, little did it presage that this series in which a group of girls dressed as schoolgirls watch over the safety of Japan would give off the bell and become one of the most enjoyable of the year. Each of its 13 episodes are a true wonder that leave the viewer wanting much more.

Lycoris Recoil It is a series in which action predominates, but which knows how to perfectly mix emotional and tender moments and even some comedy. Also, much of the merit of becoming one of the best animes of the year lies in what charismatic and well built that are their characters, as well as in the relationships that are forged between each one of them. Without a doubt, it is one of those titles that instantly becomes essential.

Oily Ramen: Requiem for the Rose King

This year 2022 was supposed to start with a bang by premiering the animated adaptation of Requiem for the King of the Rose. The work of Aya Kannowhich in Spain publishes tomodome, has a good legion of fans due to its high quality, so when its anime was announced, many people celebrated it. However, after the broadcast of its first episode disappointment flooded the hearts of all those who were looking forward to it.

Behind this anime is the studio J.C.Staff, which is capable of the best and the worst. Unfortunately, this time it was the latter. The adaptation fails not only on the technical level. This is something that could be forgiven if the story was carried out well, but skipping important parts of the manga, as well as its fast pace, leaves those who read the original work disappointed, and those who watched the anime directly. feel that the story is disjointed and that the characters lack development.

Burnt Ramen: Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World

They are countless isekais that premiere every year on Japanese television. This means that there is not much room for surprise, since the vast majority are cut from the same pattern. Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World It is one of those that has been released this year 2022 and that has ended up becoming the worst anime of the year for writing.

Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World carries the flag fanservice at its worst. You only have to see the title and the designs of its female characters to get an idea of ​​what we are going to find. As expected, the story here is the least of it and, honestly, the series does not quite fit into any genre. absolute disaster.

With this we finish the distribution of anime awards for this year 2022, but before saying goodbye, we want to do special mention to some who were left out by the hair. It is the case of Spy x Family, My Dress-up Darling or the third season of Mob Psycho 100which were very close to Chainsaw Man in the vote for best anime of the year. In addition, Paripi Koumei Y Bocchi The Rock! they were just one vote away in the big surprise section and Requiem for the King of the Rose he was about to win the award for worst anime, in addition to the one he already has as the great disappointment.

We now encourage you to share with us your anime awards this year 2022 through our social media. As you already know, you can find us at Facebook, Twitter and instagram. With this, we can only congratulate you on the new year and hope that 2023 brings us a very good portion of anime. Happy New Year to all from the editorial staff of Ramen for Two!

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