Red and the 3 My Hero Academia movies

In compliance with what was previously announced, in recent days several anime feature films have been added to the Netflix catalog

During last November since Netflix announced a series of additions for your catalog very interesting: “One Piece Film: Red“, the most recent film of Eiichiro Oda’s work that was a massive success all over the world, and the 3 films released to date of “My Hero Academia“. Has the platform complied with what was stipulated for this month of December? Well yes, so If you haven’t yet discovered movies on Netflix, I’m here to make your life easier.

Enjoy the new movies of the One Piece and My Hero Academia animes that you can now watch on Netflix

Without further ado, I link you below so that you can go directly to see the one that interests you the most of the new movies now available on Netflix:

my hero academia movies on netflix
The My Hero Academia anime films already look like part of the new Netflix content
  • I remember at this point The fourth My Hero Academia anime film has already been announced, although a release date or month as such has not been determined. However, it is expected that the debut of the new film will occur with 2024 already relatively advanced. 🤔
  • On the other hand, the truth is that There has been no news yet about a new One Piece feature film. It seems logical to imagine that Toei Animation and Eiichiro Oda are already plotting what the next movie will be, especially since Luffy’s Gear 5 will be widely displayed in that one, but for the moment silence reigns regarding the future of One Piece in the big screen. 😶

In case anyone is curious, the little I can say regarding what is confirmed about the new “My Hero Academia” movie is that this will use a series of original ideas for the characters that Kouhei Horikoshi eventually discarded. Keep in mind that many of the mangas and animes we see today are the result of constant feedback between an author and an editor from whom ideas bounce, so what they tell us on this occasion can be truly interesting. Of course, if you are waiting for the movie on Netflix, you can do it sitting down, because first going through a box office to define the streaming debut seems like something very far away.

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