Release date and duration of the new anime from the author of Dragon Ball

Sand Land” is one of those little gems from Akira Toriyama’s past that has been tried to be recovered in every possible way over the last year. And things are as they are: it is not particularly common for such an extremely unknown IP to receive from the nothing an adaptation as a feature film, a video game and as a culmination an episodic series through which to expand the content of your story. Having said that, today all the details about its premiere have been revealed.

Everything you need to know about the premiere of Sand Land

Below I leave you the information that the AIR team About the debut of the episodic anime of “Sand Land”:

  • To begin with, it is confirmed that Sand Land’s WORLDWIDE release date is March 20, 2024. That is, this month… although there is a certain trick. 😮
  • On March 20 they will be broadcast episodes 1 to 7 of the anime, which is the content shown in the Sand Land movie (so if you haven’t seen it, which would be normal with the little international presence it has had, you’ll do great). 😉
sand land trailer anime (1)
The premiere of the Sand Land anime will occur this March
  • Therefore, It will be from the 27th onwards that every Wednesday an episode of the Sand Land anime will be released that will expand the story originally conceived by Akira Toriyama. 🤗
  • What will be the length of the Sand Land anime then? Well, it has been confirmed that this will have a total of 13 episodes. That is to say, episodes 8 to 13 will feature completely new content for Sand Land, in which by extension could have even been picked up in a sequel film. 😎
  • In case of doubt, it is reaffirmed Disney Plus as the platform in charge of broadcasting this Sand Land anime around the world. 😅

Will the “Sand Land” anime be a success? Honestly it’s very difficult to say, although personally I don’t expect it to make much noise for two reasons in particular: firstly because the film could not have gone more unnoticedand secondly because Disney Plus is a horrible choice to promote an anime which already has almost no popularity despite being the author of “Dragon Ball”. As a production I don’t doubt that it will be quite entertaining, but as a commercial product I have many, many doubts about it.

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