release date and trailer for Part 2 of the fantastic Madhouse anime

Coinciding with the end of 2023 and the change of season within the anime industry, these days it is time to say goodbye to many of the series that we enjoyed so much in the fall. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End became one of the most awarded productions of the entire year, confirming the triumphant return of madhouse. Will this week’s episode also be the last?

Well the truth is that no, since The first season of Frieren’s anime consists of 28 episodes and So far only 16 have been issued.. What we have to say goodbye to is the current plot arc, since the story will advance to a new stage in 2024. And we already have the first details about it.

Date and trailer for Part 2 of the Frieren anime

  • A few minutes ago the first preview from the second part of the Frieren anime (which I leave you above)🎬👆🏻
  • This stage of history will begin with the episode 17which will be broadcast on the day January 5, 2024📅
  • In it the arc of the “First Class Wizard Exam”
  • It is also confirmed that we will have new opening by Yorushika, who will sing the song “Sunny”🎶
  • Last we have new promotional poster from Part 2 of the series👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Synopsis of Frieren

Frieren is an elf, and like all of her race, the years pass in a flash… but this is not the case for her former battle companions, whom Frieren will see die and grow old. Suddenly Frieren realizes that even though her life moves at a slower pace for her, her experiences with her loved ones are slipping through her fingers.

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