Releases Milky Way Editions January 2023


Releases Milky Way Editions January 2023

Milky Way Editions announces its releases for this month of January 2023. The Asturian publisher begins the year by adding a new title to its catalogue. It’s about the spin-off Canis – The Speakerwhich comes after the publication of the new editions of Canis: Dear Rain Y Canis: Dear Hatter. The first volume of this new Canis saga will go on sale on January 31 in a paperback edition with a dust jacket, size 13 x 18 cm. and a price of €9.00.

Title: Canis – The Speaker
Original title: Canis – Dear Hatter
Author/s: ZAKK
Genders: bl, comedy, drama, slice of life
Format: Rustic soft cover and dust jacket 13 x 18 cms
Condition: In publication (4 volumes/es)
Spanish Publisher: Milky Way Editions
Japanese Publisher: takeshobo
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February 1980. Three children who live in a religious orphanage and share a room have become inseparable. They are the rebellious Harold, the thoughtful Samuel and the timid Tadanobu. Their days of laughter and mischief end when they realize something mysterious happens at the orphanage every time a child gets adopted… Discover the past of these three characters related to Satoru and Ryô in the new arc of the CANIS saga!

Some who arrive and others who leave. On the other side of the coin is confused first love. Wataru Hinekure and Aruko’s manga ends its publication with the release of the ninth and final volume. As a farewell, the publisher will include in the first edition of this volume a mini art book of A5 size with the most representative illustrations of the work and comments by the authors. This final volume will come out at the price of €8.50 and will have 192 pages.

Apart from what has already been mentioned, the publisher completes this list of releases for the month of January with the publication of the thirteenth volume of Drifting Dragons by Taku Kuwabara, the third volume of the twilight of the moon by Mika Yamamori, the second volume of fool night by Kasumi Yasuda, the fourth volume of Killing Stalking Season 3 of Koogi, the third volume of Lovelock of Majestic War of Tatsuya Shihira, the thirteenth volume of traces of blood by Shûzô Oshimi, the fifth volume of Skip and Loafer by Misaki Takamatsu and the second volume of Earth, blood, knowledge from Uoto.

Below is the detailed list of these releases of Milky Way Editions for this month of January 2023 and that they will be available in the Web page and in specialized bookstores from January 31:

  • Canis – The Speaker #1 (ZAKK) – €9.00
  • Confused first love #9 (Aruko, Wataru Hinekure) – €8.50
  • Drifting Dragons #13 (Taku Kuwabara) – €9.00
  • The sunset of the moon #3 (Mika Yamamori) – €9.00
  • Fool Night #2 (Kasumi Yasuda) – €9.00
  • Killing Stalking Season 3 #4 (Koogi) – €11.00
  • Lovelock of Majestic War #3 (Tatsuya Shihira) – €9.00
  • Traces of Blood #13 (Shûzô Oshimi) – €9.00
  • Skip and Loafer #5 (Misaki Takamatsu) – €9.00
  • Earth, blood, knowledge #2 (Uoto) – €9.00
  • Font: Milky Way Editions


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