Releases Planet Cómic January 2023

Releases Planet Cómic January 2023

comic planet The year 2023 begins with very few new features, several sequels, and even closing some of its series. All these volumes will go on sale from the next January 25.

Title: Don Dracula
Original title: Don Dorakyura (ドン・ドラキュラ)
Author/s: osamu tezuka
Genders: comedy, fantasy, horror
Format: Hardcover without s/cub. (board). 15x23cm.
Condition: In publication (1 volume/s)
Spanish Publisher: comic planet
Japanese Publisher: kodansha
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comic planet continues to expand its Tezuka Library. On this occasion, the editorial publishes in a single volume of more than 800 pages the interpretation of the so-called “God of Manga” of Dracula: Don Dracula. Its price is €30.

Title: Random Walk
Original title: ランダム・ウォーク
Author/s: Wataru Yoshizumi
Genders: comedy, drama, romance, school life
Format: B6 with dust jacket
Condition: Finished (1 volume/s)
Spanish Publisher: comic planet
Japanese Publisher: Shueisha
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The second and last novelty of the month of January is the reissue of Random Walk. comic planet publishes this work by Wataru Yoshizumi in a paperback edition of 3 volumes in 1 which has more than 500 pages. All this at a price of €16.95.

As far as sequels are concerned, comic planet puts on sale the second volume of while yubooh sleeps, a mysterious, sensitive and charming story by Paulina Palacios. In the shônen line, the publisher also releases volume 9 of Blue Lockon 16 Haikyû!!on the 4th of Kaiju No. 8on 33 My Hero Academiaon 16 borutothe 5th of Shino bi not and the 15th of Beet the Vandel Buster. Besides, comic planet ends Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of a Forgotten Worldwith the publication of volume 14, Insect Cagewith the sixth volume, and One Piece Partywith volume 7. Also, as usual, fans of dragonball they have their monthly appointment with the super series both in Catalan and Spanish, since they will be able to obtain number 301 of the collection and volume 18 of Dragon Ball Super.

Regarding other lines of the editorial, in the line kodomo comic planet publishes volume 26 of Super Mario. On female demography, the editorial publishes volume 8 of tokyo girlon the 3rd of syrupon 8 Coming to you and 2 of the novel Bloom into you. In addition, the 19th and last volume of Liar Game. The Liars Game.

Likewise, Catalan speakers will also be able to obtain volumes 15 and 16 of My Hero Academia and on 11 Detective Conan.

Finally, on January 25, number 16 of the magazine is also put on sale manga planet. In addition to new episodes of the series, the magazine brings on the cover krymsoulthe new series of xgreen. also returns to manga planet with My cat is a shinigamiwith drawing of Mary Dresden and script by Blanca Mira and the outcome of udumbara from keithii.

Next, we leave you with the complete list of releases of comic planet for the month of January:

  • Beet the Vandel Buster #15 (Riku Sanjo, Koji Inada) – €8.95
  • Bloom into you. About Saeki Sayaki #2 (Nakatani Nio, Hitoma Iruma) – €16.95
  • Blue Lock #9 (Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Yūsuke Nomura) – €7.95
  • Super Dragon Ball #18 (Akira Toriyama, Toyotaro) – €7.95
  • Super Dragon Ball (Super Series) #301 (Akira Toriyama, Toyotaro) – €3.95
  • Boruto #16 (Ukyo Kodachi, Mikio Ikemoto) – €7.95
  • Detective Conan #11 (Gosho Aoyama) – €7.95
  • Don Dracula (Osamu Tezuka) – €30.00
  • Dragon Ball Super #18 (Akira Toriyama, Toyotaro) – €7.95
  • Dragon Ball Super (Super Series) #301 (Akira Toriyama, Toyotaro) – €3.95
  • Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of a Forgotten World #14 (Kamui Fujiwara) – €8.95
  • Haikyû!! #16 (Haruichi Furudate) – €7.95
  • Insect Cage #6 (Kachou Hashimoto) – €7.95
  • Kaiju No. 8 #4 (Naoya Matsumoto) – €7.95
  • Liar Game. The Liars Game #19 (Shinobu Kaitani) – €8.95
  • Coming to you #8 (Karuho Shiina) – €7.95
  • While Yubooh sleeps #2 (Paulina Palacios) – €15.95
  • My Hero Academia #33 (Kōhei Horikoshi) – €7.95
  • My Hero Academia Catalan #15 (Kouhei Horikoshi) – €6.95
  • My Hero Academia Catalan #16 (Kouhei Horikoshi) – €6.95
  • One Piece Party #7 (Ei Ando) – €7.95
  • Planet Manga #16 (Luis Montes, Alba Cardona, Anakris, Ken Niimura, Akira Pantsu, Laia López, iLuTV, Kalathras, Marc Bernabé, Oriol Estrada, Santi Casas, Belén Ortega, Kenny Ruiz, Lorena Calderón, Judit Mallol, Marian Company, Ana C. Sánchez , M. Salmons, Blanca Mira, Kaoru Okino, Ana Oncina, Álvaro Jaudenes, Numoris, Sara Soler, Toni Caballero, Sergio Hernández, Carles Dalmau, Sara Lozoya, Konata, Coco Glez) – €5.95
  • Random Walk (Wataru Yoshizumi) – €16.95
  • Shino Bi No#5 (Rokuro Ogaki) – €7.95
  • Super Mario #26 (Yukio Sawada) – €7.95
  • Syrup #3 (Morinaga Milk, Kana Yoshimura, Kodama Naoko) – €8.95
  • Tokyo Girls #8 (Akiko Higashimura) – €7.95
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