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X-Venture: The body in crisis

Books on biology have always been fascinating to me. Since I was a child they were always my favorites, the only textbook that I read to myself before starting classes, in the purest style Hermione Granger.

The intimate knowledge of the human body is an inexhaustible source of interest. Both in literature and in the cinema, through television series and cartoons, the different ways of representing and educating about health accompany us throughout our lives.

Today I present to you a new twist, an absolutely brilliant manga-style comic, which I can only describe as a discovery that It should be in every classroom in primary and secondary well as on our own shelves.

Welcome to the X-venture!

The X-venture they are a small group of intrepid explorers. In total there are 6 children under the orders of the Dr. Darwin (which looks suspiciously like jinpachithe character of tekken). The plot thickens when jinpachi the Dr Darwin he is prey to an unknown disease, which prevents him from waking up.

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Doctors are baffled, and that’s when technology enters the scene: Your great friend (former friend?) and current rival, the Dr Bennett has invented the micromedics, some nano-robots capable of acquiring the consciousness of a person. Thanks to this they can explore the human body, diagnose and even carry out small surgical interventions, as well as administer medication.

For this mission, four of the intrepid members of the X-venturetransferring to the micromedics with lovely results. His robotic images are bobbleheads SDWith big eyes and short limbs, his hands and legs are like Swiss Army knives with a million uses.

In this way they begin their adventure, entering the interior of the Dr Darwin by the mouth It is at this point where the wonderful work of scientific dissemination begins, which takes us through the human body in anatomical order at the cellular level.

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The diagnostic trip condemns them to separate and in this way we find ourselves with two teams of mini scouts with different objectives. On the one hand we have the team “Respiratory system”responsible for finding out what happens to the lungs of the Dr Darwinand they do it with incredible solvency: not only do they explain in great detail all the anatomical structures they come across as they are introduced through the patient’s trachea, but they also describe their composition at the cellular level, being victims and discoverers of how terrible and wonderful the respiratory system can be.

On the other hand we have the worst unemployed adventurers who head towards the “Digestive system”, where they will be subjected to all kinds of juices and enemies, digestive movements and intestinal trips until they find another great evil that afflicts our mustachioed professor. And it is that with the fecalomas one does not joke. Here I make a subsection to dedicate a special thanks to the team of colorists for using such a nondescript color palette for its representation. Really thanks.

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All this and much more is what we can find in X-venturean informative manga that, although it has the ability to arouse curiosity in the little ones thanks to its attractive colors and action-packed pages, can also be enjoyed by an adult audience interested in learning more about the human body.

High-level disclosure for the little ones

And it is that the journey of the young explorers is not only a great adventure at the cellular level, but after each chapter of the manga we have several pages with detailed explanations of what we have just seen, with frequently asked questions, detailed illustrations and information Of special interest to all those who want to expand their knowledge.

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The extra pages not only present the perfectly detailed organs (and with beady eyes and little hands and smiles), making even the small intestine look “kawaii”, but also describe its operation, parts and curiosities. our tiny x venture they advise and teach us, show us and explain diseases, alarm symptoms, health advice and even introduce us to great enemies of our body such as multi-resistant bacteriaembodied by one of the toughest enemies to kill: The staphylococcus aureus.

All this based on scientific evidence, with full-color drawings that do not lose a single point of rigor because they are simplified. As I have already mentioned, a marvel at an artistic and informative level that should be on all shelves to delve into the exciting world of human biology at the hands of something as kind as a manga, adapted and updated to the latest knowledge.

So much so that a couple of pages are even dedicated to commenting on the infection at the global level of the covid-19 virusand its fatal repercussions on the respiratory system.

As if that were not enough, at the end of the volume we have a quiz of questions about everything we have learned. More than one this manga saves an exam.

X-venturethe geniuses of disclosure

Although X-venture They have just landed on our borders, their adventure in the human body is by no means the first challenge they have faced.

His adventures start in 1950 dwhere the bases of what is now a million-dollar franchise are established, whose main distribution has taken place in the Asian and English speaking countries. There have been many teams of Xplorers and each one of them has faced different challenges: Dinosaurs, runaway robots, aliens, ancient myths and even monsters and ghosts. The curiosity and tenacity of these little ones seems to have no limit.

The informative comics franchise establishes its roots in Malaysia and faces its current phase after becoming part of the portfolio of kadokawaunder the seal gempak starz. Its development is not carried out by a single person, but rather by a well-oiled team of cartoonists, designers, inkers, colorists, letterers and documentalists, who condense all their efforts to put together an effective product.

This is the only way to explain the very high level of production. Since 2016, a series of volumes starring the first version of our current team of curious researchers began to be published in Japan. With a total of twelve volumes, the adventures of Jake, Sherry, Tazen, Bean, Louis and Kwame It has its origins in an exhaustive study of the fauna and flora.

With names as attractive as “Gorilla Vs Oso” or “Octopus Vs Whale”, the Xplorers they get into endless trouble to discover the habitat, curiosities and in general, teach us all the wonders that the animal world hides.

This explains why on the first page of the manga we find a presentation of our team, in whose descriptions we see references to past adventures or objects of interest, such as the nlizra kind of tablets invented by Dr Darwinused to analyze and extrapolate details about the climate and identify life forms.

A whole collection of informative comics that, we hope, we can see one day on the shelves of schools and libraries.

The edition of Ooso Cómics

With 154 pages completely in color, in western reading sense and with non-removable laminated back covers, X-venture is a manga designed for small and restless hands. The gluing is strong and allows it to be fully opened without damage. This is very important and much appreciated.

x venture

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the small publisher Ooso Comics inaugurates its line Science Manga with a solid product, easy to read thanks to its successful distribution of cartoons, whose scientific and informative quality is as fun as it is amazing. Obviously it is a manga with a clear educational intention aimed at a child-adolescent public, and for this he uses some minor artistic license, which can awaken a certain indulgence in the versed reader, without contaminating the experience. Likewise, the publisher has made the effort to publish the manga in three languages ​​of the Spanish state, so we can find X-venture in Spanish, Catalan and Basque.

We cannot ignore commenting that Ooso Comics has reached a collaboration agreement with the company Giant Microbesmanufacturers of adorable infectious stuffed animals, which can be found for sale on their website.

x venture

The revision of the translation is carried out by louis allis, a well-known professional who once again does an excellent job. All the technical, cellular, bacterial and medicinal terms are correct, down to the smallest detail, something that will delight both laymen and connoisseurs.

In summary, X-venture It is a manga that cannot be missing in any home with students or the curious, a major work that must be present in educational centers, and that represents a powerful dissemination tool that updates and expands knowledge, adapting to new entertainment trends.

Something like this hasn’t been seen since “Once upon a time life”. X-venture It comes to stay, and to teach the wonders of the world to the new generations.

The best:

  • The detailed drawings of the human body.
  • The extra pages with expanded information.


  • For regular manga readers, the bullet format can be rigid and unnatural.
  • The lack of context by not presenting the characters properly.

X-Venture: The body in crisis


Authors: Hot Blooded Souls

Editorial: Ooso Comics
Format: Rustic soft cover and dust jacket 12.5 x 18.5 cm.
Volumes: 3 (Finished)

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