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signs of affection

Suu Morishita is a mangaka duo, composed of Makiro Y Nachiyan, which is still little known in our country. But, little by little, they are making a little niche thanks to their romantic stories.

In this review we are going to talk about signs of affectionknown worldwide as Yubisaki to Renren. It began publication in Japan in 2019 in the magazine Dessert of kodanshaalthough here we have not been able to have it in our hands until March 2022. Currently, it is an open series with seven volumes in total, although it is being published in Spain Arechi Manga and they’re only on the fifth volume. This work was nominated in the category of best shojo in the 46th Annual Kodansha Manga AwardsAnd no wonder.

It is a beautiful story between Yukia deaf university student, and the gallant Itsuomi, a college roommate who is very curious about traveling and learning new things. His paths will cross and they will begin to discover and learn more about the world that surrounds each one of them. Words are left over when their eyes meet. If you like romantic stories, you can’t miss this manga.


Yuki’s life, a deaf university student, is going to turn upside down when young Itsuomi crosses her path, a boy who, despite mastering several languages, does not know Japanese sign language. Itsuomi is immediately interested in Yuki and wants to learn sign language and, above all, enter her world. Signs of Affection is a love story about the need for communication, about learning differences, and about empathy.

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Walking together

Itsuomi Y Yuki They met by chance, but they immediately feel a connection that goes beyond. Both feel that they should get closer, get to know each other and learn about the different worlds that surround them. On the one hand, Itsuomi He is an adventurous young man who has traveled the world, eager to live and learn about other cultures. He also wants to help underprivileged children who are not as lucky as him; His intention is to tell you stories about the different countries to which he has traveled and that you live through him a new experience. He is touching beyond belief. He works part-time at his cousin’s bar, both to pay for his college tuition and to continue paying for his trips abroad.

Secondly, Yuki He is a very shy person due to his deafness and relating to others is very difficult for him. On a regular basis, she uses the phone’s notepad to talk to her classmates at the university. Although sometimes he resorts to pointing to objects or writing on a blackboard. She is very reserved and hardly has any friends. But she doesn’t close to meeting new people either, it’s just that she has a hard time getting into a conversation. Most of the time try to read lips so as not to disturb other people, but of course, half of the sentences do not fully understand them and a lot of information remains in the air. Since she doesn’t want to get in the way, she doesn’t ask and is left with many doubts.

Since they cross glances, Yuki is attracted to Itsuomi thanks to his physique, but he goes much further. When he finds out about her trips to other parts of the world, he begins to fantasize about leaving as well. He wants me to tell him about all his adventures and experiences, even if it is through photographs.. However, Itsuomiin his thirst for knowledge, Yuki she calls her attention for being a deaf person, she wants to learn to communicate with her through sign language. That’s why, from the beginning, he asks her for information and to teach him everything he knows. Little by little he is improving and also looks for symbols outside of the notes that she tells him. Why? Because he intends to surprise her. She is fascinated by the adorable faces that she makes of her and immediately falls asleep at her feet. Although she is a very independent person, she pays close attention to the feelings of others.

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It makes me very funny how he approaches her and He gestures a lot with his lips so that I understand him. He also constantly asks her whether or not she wants to do a thing. She always seeks to make you comfortable and comfortable with the situations that are occurring at that moment. It is a charm, it is impossible not to love it.

In this manga, there is no need for words. Many times, With just one look between the two of you, you know what they are thinking.. What are their true feelings and you scream for them to go further. The drawing is absolutely precious, you can see the dedication they have put into each gesture of the hands and in each expression on the face of all the characters. It’s very authentic.

We must highlight the tattoo he has Itsuomi On the middle finger of the hand, my goodness, it’s so fine and elegant that from the first moment I’m wishing that they only focus on the hand. Well, and that pretty face of hers. I admit it, I’m crazy about him. Like a fifteen year old turkey.

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The importance of sign language

Before reading this manga, keep in mind that the sign language used by mangakas is Japanese. So, hand symbols may vary from country to country. In the comments at the end of each volume they specify it very clearly. They also emphasize that they have not been able to illustrate all the steps of the conversations, since the story would take forever. For this reason, in certain cartoons, they have drawn only the most important symbols so that they give meaning to the plot.

Not only that, Yuki he often gets lost in conversations when he’s only lip reading. In order for us readers to feel empathy towards her and understand even better what she is going through, certain words in the manga are rotated. In this way, the reader also has trouble reading the conversation, because of the context he knows what they are saying, but when reading it is more complicated. I really liked this detail, this is how we put ourselves in the shoes of Yuki and we see why it’s so difficult to carry on a conversation with her just using words. And we also see how she tries her best to understand.

I find it very curious that in each country the sign language is different and that there is not a globalized one. But the same thing happens with languages, so it’s not surprising either.

Not many people learn sign language if they are not going to use it in their day-to-day life to communicate with other people. It is complicated and needs a lot of practice. Not only that, even if you learn it once, over time it can be forgotten and you need to refresh your memory. This is what happens to a childhood friend of Yuki, he learned thanks to his sister, but has continued to study over the years. Of course, whenever she can, she uses her knowledge to tease Yuki and get into his life. He can tell from afar that he is in love with her, but he doesn’t quite know how to get closer and get some affection from her.

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Secondly, Itsuomi wants to know better YukiFor this reason, as soon as they meet, they intend to learn to communicate with her, not only by pointing to objects, writing in a notepad, or the telephone. Not, Itsuomi He is a very curious person and from the beginning he has wanted to treat Yuki as he deserves. That is why he asks her to teach him little by little her sign language, since he wants to have a fluent conversation with her and make things easier for her. It is a charm. If you want to talk to a deaf person, both parties in the conversation must put all their effort and effort into making the other person understand you.not only the deaf must try to understand and make things easier.

About the authors

Under the pseudonym of Suu Morishita two great mangakas are hidden. On one hand, we have Marikocreator of the script, and on the other hand we have Nachiyanin charge of drawing.

Focusing on the career of both, they already have a long professional career working together. Nothing more and nothing less than twelve years. They have always focused on creating manga about school life, romance, and everyday life. Some of his works that have not yet been brought to our country are: Koi ni Ichiban Chikai Shima, Esper Fuufu no Naresome either Short Cake Cake.

Thanks to comic planetwe were able to discover these two authors with the work Daily Butterfly, a romantic comedy of twelve volumes in total. and thanks to Arechi Mangawe are enjoying month by month of Signs of Affection.

Personally, they have completely conquered me and I am looking forward to bringing more works to Spain. They have an incredible gift for conveying the feelings of their characters and for making you put yourself in their shoes.

© 2019 suu Morishita/KODANSHA LTD. © 2022 Arechi Manga, stamp of Yermo Ediciones SL

Edition in Spain

signs of affection is a manga that is still being published in Japan, to date seven volumes have come out in total. Here in Spain it is Arechi Manga who is publishing the work. For now, they’re out five we take for sale

Each volume costs €9.00 and they are about 160 pages in total. The covers are in matte color, but they have a glossy finish on certain elements such as the title or the flowers, in this way, the colors stand out much more and give it a special touch.

As a curiosity, once we put all the manga together on the shelf, they form a beautiful color gradient. Starting with pink and continuing towards yellow. If you are curious and look for the Japanese covers, it seems that they are going to form a rainbow. It’s a beauty.

In the epilogue of each volume, the authors explain details so that people can better understand the story. For example, they say that the sign language used by the protagonists is Japanese, and that it can change in each country. Therefore, readers must understand that not all signs are the same and that not all deaf people express themselves in the same way.

© 2019 suu Morishita/KODANSHA LTD. © 2022 Arechi Manga, stamp of Yermo Ediciones SL


What a bomb of more beautiful feelings this manga has produced in meI didn’t expect that I would like it so much. Lately love stories don’t touch my heart as much, but this one has totally hit the nail on the head. It also influences that it has reminded me of my time at the university and has brought back many good memories.

I recommend you read this story, because apart from the fact that you are going to learn a lot of new things, the characters will not leave you indifferent at all. And the story progresses by leaps and bounds, it is not necessary to wait many volumes to see how the love relationship of the protagonists progresses.

The best:

  • The desire to learn and discover the world of Itsuomi.
  • Yuki’s innocence and adorableness.
  • Learn about sign language.
  • Live university life from various points of view.


  • Yuki’s best friend’s jealousy.
  • Missing to know something about the past of the protagonists.

signs of affection


Authors: Suu Morishita

Editorial: Arechi Manga
Format: Rustic soft cover and dust jacket 128×182 mm.
Volumes: 7 (In publication)


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