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Riselia returns in a bunny figure — Kudasai

After its broadcast in the season of Fall-2023 (October-December)the anime “Seiken Gakuin no Makentsukai (The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy)” left a variety of mixed feelings among fans. While the story and designs were good for an ecchi series, The adaptation of the original story of the light novels was so disappointing that it left this series as just another one of the bunch instead of “the great promise” that its followers promised..

Such a pathetic adaptation job generally results in the project ending up being forgotten by the production committees, not only due to the lack of performance of the series on streaming services, but also due to the low sales of Blu-ray/DVD packages. and other merchandise. However, although the story was disastrous, no one can deny that the girls’ design is sublime (as any series in the ecchi and harem genres), so the team was evidently going to bank on using them to achieve some significant sales.

This is how we arrive at what brings us together today, since the production team announced the launch of a line of scale figures starring each of the girls from the franchise, who will appear in sensual bunny outfits. It is even surprising that it is possible to remove part of the outfit to show your naked breasts.which although it is a detail that is quite appreciated, also shows that the team is desperate to make profits wherever possible while the franchise “remains alive.”

The first of these figures will star Riselia Ray Crystalia, who appears in an erotic red bunny suit. However, figures of this same style are also planned for Regina Mercedes, Elfiné Phillet and Sakuya Sieglinde. This first figure is scheduled for release in August 2024 in Japan, at a price of 24,200 yen (around $160). The height is approximately 270 mm, quite acceptable considering that it is a 1/6 scale figure with the possibility of changing the style a little.

But this was enough for fans of “Seiken Gakuin no Makentsukai” they remembered the series again for a moment:

  • «Oh, an official figure with nipples? Well done team!».
  • «I want to lick it, god».
  • «Who came up with the idea of ​​being able to undress her? He’s a fucking genius!».
  • «Riselia? Damn, they had to start with the best girl in the series».
  • «Oh, a figure with nipples? Now that’s a surprise».
  • «The recent official figures are incredible, that was what the market needed to make this industry interesting again».
  • «Even though I was completely spellbound by Riselia’s beauty in the series, you have to admit that the series was bad from start to finish. But hey, it is a genius to release figures of this type».
  • «Oh, a Riselia porn figure? Where do I pay?».

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