‘Roots that would shake all lore’

When it seemed that Egghead’s arc couldn’t surprise us more than it has been doing for months, Eiichiro Oda hit us in the face with another very, very interesting revelation that adds a new mystery to the plot. He chapter 1107 One Piece finally solved the mystery about the ship blackbeard which was in the vicinity of the island of the future: Catarina Devon and Van Augur took advantage of the chaos to fulfill a mission crucial to their captain’s master plan.

After completing her mission to touch Saturn so she could copy its appearance in the future, Catarina Devon revealed that she follows Teach’s orders because “he is special”to which the old man of the Gorosei adds “just like his lineage”. What does it mean and why is it such an important statement? It’s time to debate it.

Blackbeard’s roots: a secret that worries even Shanks

  • That Saturn uses the word “lineage” would imply that Blackbeard descends from a noble familythat is, it could be related to the Tenryubitto and the Empty Century❗❗❗
  • Catarina Devon is surprised that the old man knows the truth about his captain’s ancestry, which could imply that When Shanks appeared before the Gorosei to talk “about a certain pirate”, it would have been to talk to them about Teach himself. 🚨🚨🚨
  • If confirmed, This would be the second time that the redhead warned someone about the danger that Blackbeard poses.since in the past he met with Whitebeard to ask him to stop Ace from continuing with his revenge✅✅

Rocks D. Xebec’s heir?

It is important to note that it does not matter that Teach is a D., since that does not mean that he cannot belong to one of the 20 royal families (the Nefertari are D. and are nobles). And we must not ignore the fact that Kurohige’s dream is to “take over the world”an ambition he shared with the mysterious Rocks D. XebecAre these two pirates related in some way?

To this day there are still a large number of unanswered questions regarding the great antagonist of One Piece, but after thinking a lot about this dialogue between Saturn and Catarina, it is beginning to be clear to me that the final villain of the series will NOT be Imu, but Blackbeard. His crew has been up to something big for too many years, and we might soon find out what it is…

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