RuriDragon shows signs of life, will the manga return in 2024?

Recently recognized by Kono Manga ga Sugoi, RuriDragon seems to be something still real despite its long hiatus

RuriDragon“debuted at the time as one of the biggest hits of the manga industry of these recent years, surely there with what has happened in 2023 and “Kagurabachi” (although without all the memes). Unfortunately, what seemed to be one of the works with the most potential in Shonen Jump stopped suddenly due to the author’s poor health, and more than a year later we still have no new content. Luckily, Masaoki Shindo has now broken his silence, and with good news.

The author of RuriDragon sends a positive message to all his followers

It was with the following ‘letter’ that Shindo-sensei decided that It was time to communicate with all those who are waiting for his return and that of “RuriDragon”:

The letter that the author of RuriDragon has dedicated to his followers

And basically this is what can be read in it (via AniNewsandFacts):

  • Shindo-sensei’s message is mainly because RuriDragon has finished in ninth place in the 2023 Kono Manga ga Sugoi considerations, something he has achieved without publishing a single chapter all year. 😎
  • As such, the author wanted to thank all those who have given him the support, and leaves us with the following message: ‘I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while, but I feel fine right now..’ 😁
  • To that first message, Shindo-sensei adds a ‘I will do everything in my power to leave you with good news next year.’ Does this confirm that the RuriDragon manga will return in 2024? Well obviously not, but it is clear that at this point we are closer than ever to serialization being able to resume. After all The author’s health was the main impediment to the publication of RuriDragon, a problem that seems to have finally been left in the past. 😮

Why hasn’t “RuriDragon” been republished if its author claims that he is already well? Well I assume that everything is due to being planning a publication model that will ensure that Shindo-sensei does not suffer from health problems again. Although “RuriDragon” only published 6 chapters, it did so under a weekly model that we know is the hardest of all for mangakas. Therefore, if at some point the return of Shindo-sensei’s manga is announced (which one would assume will happen at this point), it will most likely be done in a different way than how he debuted.

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