RWBY Volume 9 Coming to Crunchyroll in February

RWBY Volume 9 Coming to Crunchyroll in February

Last Tuesday the production team of the anime RWBY announced through his official account on Twitter that RWBY Volume 9the new season of the series conceived by Monty Oum, will be released in crunchyroll the next 18th of February. The platform will offer the series in a exclusive for one yearso at first it will not be available through the official website of the study as has been the custom in previous years. The news marks the return of the series to the small screen after a break of almost two years.

The announcement has been received with lukewarm spirits by many of his followers, who still remember the controversy that arose in October 2022 when Kdin Jenzendirector, producer, screenwriter and voice actress in RWBY: Ice Queendom Y Genshin Impact; abandoned Rooster Teeth denouncing the constant psychological and verbal abuse to which study employees were exposed. The thing did not end there, because it was also revealed that the company subjected its staff to a work overload who also did not see themselves rewarded, since they did not receive adequate remuneration and in many cases they were not even mentioned in the credits for the contributions made. Despite the fact that the study has reported that it has already taken action on the matter effectively and forcefully, its fans are skeptical about it.

RWBY is a CGI web series with heavy anime influences created by monty umwho was also its director until his sudden death in February 2015. Since then kerry shacross took over as head of the project, which currently has 8 seasons Y 106 episodes issued. Thanks to its popularity, the series has received numerous spin-offs and adaptations to print, such as manga, novels, and comics. In addition, two video games based on the work and an anime titled RWBY: Ice Queendom produced by studio shaft. A crossover movie is currently in production with DC Comics titled Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes and Huntsmen.

In Spain both the web series and the anime are fully available via crunchyroll. As for the manga, the publisher comic planet has published both the single volume illustrated by shirow miwa as the Official manga anthologywhich currently has 4 volumes in the market.

Following the harrowing events of Volume 8, our heroines find themselves thrust into an unknown world: Ever After! However, once Team RWBY explores this strange and mysterious realm, they quickly discover that it might not be as unknown as they first thought. On their journey to find their way home, they will have to overcome some of their most difficult challenges: the fight for their own identities and whether or not they are ready to stop Salem.

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