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Saint Seiya | What is the chronological order of the Knights of the Zodiac anime?

Knights of the Zodiacalso know as Saint Seiyais an anime that became well known in the 90s in Latin America and was initially shown in cartoon Network. Over the years, the plot has gained several seasons, adapting the manga to screens.

Although the Saga of the Twelve Houses is one of the most famous and well known, there is a timeline to keep up with everything without getting confused in the stories. For this reason, in SuperAficionados we tell you everything about what is the true chronology of the series Knights of the Zodiac.

Attention! Keep in mind that this list does not contain feature films.

Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas

Despite being one of the last animes of Knights of the Zodiac that has come out, The Lost Canvas takes place 243 years before the original plot. That is, in this new anime, fans will follow the story of Tenma, who, like Seiya, is an orphan and has a strong connection to Alone and Sasha, the hosts of Hades and Athena, respectively.

The best part of the whole story is that The Lost Canvas deals with a version of the Holy war in which Dohko, the Libra Knight, and Shion, the Aries Knight are 17 years old. They are already old acquaintances of the fans, since Dohko is Shiryu’s teacher and Shion is Mü’s.

galactic war

This is one of the best known stages of Knights of the Zodiac, mainly the one that the audience followed about Seiya on Cartoon Network. Beginning the story of the five Bronze Knights, the galactic war shows some of the characters chosen to serve the reincarnation of Athena, who returned in the body of a girl named Saori.

It is at the big event, which promises the Sagittarius gold armor, that we meet the other Bronze Knights who will join Seiya, such as Hyoga, Shun and Shiryu. It is also in the galactic war that we see Seiya and Shiryu engage in a fight, literally to the death. Luckily, the Pegasus Knight managed to bring his friend back.

Saint Seiya – Saintia Shô

Despite being a spinoff, Saintia Sho deserves to be in this article. This is because the plot is a parallel story to the original story of Knights of the Zodiac. That is, many of the events within this saga occur in parallel to the original series. There are even fans who consider it much more canon than Omega.

In the anime, a new generation needs to protect the reincarnation of Athena. Unlike the Amazons that were introduced in the original story, however, the Goddess of Wisdom now has knights protecting her. Shoko is one of them, who becomes the rider of the Lesser Horse.

The battle of the twelve houses

Remembered by all who faithfully followed the saga on Cartoon Network, the Battle of the Twelve Houses It is one of the best known in the history of Knights of the Zodiac. That’s because she became one of the most notable in the entire plot.

After being wounded by a poisoned arrow, Saori must be saved by her Bronze Knights. Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun begin a battle against time to reach the Grandmaster in less than twelve hours, so that the leader removes the arrow from Athena’s reincarnation chest.

battle of asgard

As part of the life of being a Knight of Athena, the dangers would not stop at the twelve houses with the Gold Knights. And this is how the next saga that is contemplated in this timeline is the Battle of Asgardian.

Hilda de Polaris is the body chosen to receive the god Odin of Norse mythology on Earth. Her mission is to ensure peace and order in Asgard. But all this is forgotten when Poseidon, the Greek god, gives him the Nibelung Ring. Beginning to follow her orders, Hilda/Odin declares war on Athena.

battle of poseidon

It seems that Poseidon does not give up very easily! After trying to control Hilda from Polaris and her plan to fall, thanks to the Bronze Knights, the Greek god decides to try another more offensive approach and that’s when the story comes to a head. battle of poseidon.

The Greek god returns incarnated as Jullian Solo and eventually kidnaps Saori, taking her to the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, which is where the god’s sanctuary is located. He explains to the reincarnated Athena the reason for her plans, which is to destroy the earth. And now, the Knights must find a way to save the goddess of wisdom and not let her die at the hands of Poseidon.

hades saga

We arrive at another saga of the universe of Knights of the Zodiacthe hades saga. But unlike the others, this will be divided into three parts.

In this beginning titled Sanctuary, the specters are resurrected by the god of the underworld, Hades. The intention is to attack Athena and rule the world. With the help of some Gold and Silver Knights, the god sends his own army to invade the Sanctuary where Saori is. Now the Bronze Saints must face the dangers to keep the reincarnation of Athena safe.

Hades Saga – Hell

As part of the division, the Hades Saga: Hell It is the second part that fits this saga. Here, despite being divided, the episodes of the Sanctuary. From these episodes, the sequence begins to be called Hell.

After Seiya and Rhadamanthys fall into the gate of hell, Shun, Hyoga and Shiryu decide to follow their friend. Now they need to find Saori to bring Athena’s armor to the girl and for that they will face more dangers and the commanders of Hades to kill them.

Saint Seiya – Soul of Gold

The penultimate saga linked to the Knights of the Zodiac is called Soul of Gold and shows a little more on the side of the Golden Knights. This time, the ones who will have to face a new enemy are the twelve knights who take care of the houses that represent the signs of the zodiac.

After sacrificing their lives to destroy the Wailing Wall, the Gold Knights are revived and must face a new enemy that awaits them in Asgard. The chosen twelve will have to fight with their new golden armor and prevent evil from winning.

Hades Saga – Elyseon

We come to the third and final part of the hades sagacall elyseon. Here, the anime shows a bit of a world that only the gods can enter, and it’s where most of Athena’s Knights head to end this fight immediately.

After the terrible battle in the underworld against Hades, who wanted to possess Shun’s body, the Golden Knights come back to life thanks to the cosmos of the goddess Athena. After sacrificing their bodies and burning their cosmos, the Wailing Wall is torn down, opening the gates for the Bronze Knights to enter. Now they must deliver Athena’s armor to its owner and destroy the true body of Hades.

Saint Seiya Omega

We come to the last officially linked anime in the timeline of Knights of the Zodiac. Called Saint Seiya Omegathe plot takes place 25 years after the conclusion of the Holy War of the 20th century, narrated above.

Now new characters join the story that has won a legion of fans. After a conflict with the god Mars, Seiya, who is now the Sagittarius Knight, and the other knights, could not burn her cosmos and Athena had to hide on an island.

On this island, the goddess of wisdom is training new young men to become knights, but little does she know that Mars’s plan is the same and creates a young woman with a strong cosmos who can usurp Athena’s place.

Out of canon – Knights of the Zodiac on Netflix

Saint Seiya - Netflix Series

As we all know, Netflix cannot stop taking advantage of the desire to redo, remaster or do a live-action of a series, Knights of the Zodiac it was no exception. The Netflix series premiered in 2018 and is part of a new canon, leaving out the one we know within the series.

The biggest change we see when we take on this series is that the Andromedan knight, Shun, is now a woman. This was very poorly received by the fans, especially since they decided to eliminate the only character who did not fall within the standards of “gentlemen”, that is, of masculinity. One of Shun’s central purposes in the series, and in the manga, was to really question what it means to be a gentleman (or to be a man, for all sense and purpose), and turning him into a woman in this series throws all of that away.

But hey, this series unfortunately exists and if anyone is curious to see it, we leave it on the list. It has 12 episodes.

Note: For die-hard fans, even the original series isn’t completely canon, stuffing in character-altering information and plenty of filler. So we want to note that, in reality, the only thing that is canon in Saint Seiya it’s his sleeve.

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