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Saitama and Tatsumaki’s panties continue to be a trend

Definitely the most recent manga chapter of one punch man has become one of the most commented on social networks, not only because of the return of Sonic Speed ​​of Sound or by continuing with the “Arc of the Confrontation between Saitama and Tatsumaki“, but because Yusuke Murata surprised by ending a debate that had raged for more than a decade.

It is about the underwear that Tatsumaki wears under her dress. Some They claim that she was completely naked and that she used her powers of telekinesis so that her dress would never rise up in her crotch.others claim that she was wearing an extremely skinny thong that was never seen, and others claim that she was wearing a “type-c thong”, a type of thong that has no straps.

However, Murata brought the discussion to an end with the most recent chapter, drawing Tatsumaki finally with her dress up, and showing that she always wore ordinary panties.. Why did we never realize this? Maybe Tatsumaki uses his telekinesis powers to manipulate the shape of her panties so they couldn’t be seen from the outside, Or maybe Murata just wanted to draw something absurd for fans to rack their brains trying to explain!


Anyway, it seems that some fans have not accepted that Tatsumaki wears boring panties, and have started to share some edits that immediately became a trend on social media. For example, @Deivos_Takeda drew her in a skimpy thong which definitely looks more realistic, and changed the style of the “Chibi Tatsumaki” to the real one.

There is also an issue circulating where they drew the scene from King’s perspective:


However, there is also another scene that draws attention. Perhaps on social networks you have noticed a trending meme that shows Son Gohan standing in front of Majin Boo, and that is usually called “Gohan and the perception of altered reality“. Its origin comes from the fact that people seek to face very difficult situations with the “excuse” that they do it just because they are “crazy”.

But it turns out that the most recent chapter of One Punch Man included a scene that is definitely very similar to the meme in question. Could it be that Yusuke Murata is aware of current trends in social networks? Or was it a complete coincidence?

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