Sales of The Apothecary Diaries skyrocket thanks to anime; It’s a tremendous success!

The Apothecary Diaries“, something that in Spain can also be found as “Los Diarios de la Boticaria”, is clearly one of the most successful animes that have been released in recent months. What at first seemed like it was going to be simply the everyday story of a girl kidnapped to work in the royal palace, has ended up becoming a story at times of “Detective Conan” type with truly interesting cases and situations. And yes, obviously The media impact of anime has had very positive repercussions.

The Apothecary Diaries is in a tremendously sweet moment in terms of sales

One of the main functions of creating an anime adaptation of an IP is to get said IP increase your physical saleswhich is where a large part of the annual income comes from, and with “Los Diarios de la Boticaria” it is something that has been achieved with quite forceful:

  • Just like inform ANNcurrent worldwide sales of The Apothecary Diaries They already exceed 31 million. This is data that combines all the publication formats of the work, that is, both manga and novel. 😁
The Apothecary Diaries
Yes, everything is going great on The Apothecary Diaries ship today
  • But the most striking thing is not the total data, but how overall sales have increased rapidly since The Apothecary Diaries anime began airing a few months ago:
    • Only in the first month of the The Apothecary Diaries anime broadcast, the franchise added already 3 million copies sold additionally.
    • Since the anime is active, The Apothecary Diaries has increased its sales by up to 7 million copies.
    • By the time the anime started (October 2023), the most recent sales data available for The Apothecary Diaries placed the franchise in 24 million copies sold (September 2023).
  • If one takes into account that The novel began to be published in 2011 and the manga in 2017., it becomes even more obvious the impact that anime has had. Come on, in just 3 months of issuance, ground has been gained that has taken years and years simply with physical sales. 😮

Personally, “The Apothecary Diaries” is one of the animes that I have been enjoying the most in recent months, because He knows how to combine his humor, slice-of-life content and the mystery of his cases in a really clever way.. The anime will continue to air until spring and surely the idea will be to continue announcing seasons through which to adapt even more of the novel, so Maomao’s adventures seem to have only just begun.

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