Scandal with One Piece Film Red in Spain; some cinemas kept manga for free!

Scandal with One Piece Film Red in Spain;  some cinemas kept manga for free!

If yesterday I was talking about how speculation had exploded in Spain with “One Piece Film Red”particularly with the free tomes he handed out Select Vision for the different cinema chains in Spain, today things seem to have gone one step further. Because yes, if at least what one TikTok user says is true, it seems that The issue that many cinemas suddenly ran out of sleeves in the preview has a very simple explanation: they kept them.

Stealing from the nakama; this has been the case of One Piece Film Red in Spain

Going straight to the point, I leave you below the TikTok of hachiii_7_, who is the one who tells the experience. The TikTok has a duration of almost 4 minutes, so if you can’t listen to it or you’re just lazy, I will leave you later the most important points of what he said:

And that said, I leave you the most important thing that he explains on TikTok:

  • The experience he narrates is in particular with the Arenas cinema, in Barcelona (Of which I had already seen people say that they had run out of volumes, so it does not seem to me that it is an invented epic, much less). ✔️
  • Basically, upon arriving to see One Piece Film Red she and her group are told first that they have run out of free volumes. This being one of the first preview sessions on Thursday that quite a few of us attended. ❌
  • Nevertheless, a couple of hours later (I assume in the time it took to watch One Piece Film Red) they could see that, at the entrance, a girl from the ticket office told another group that YES there was stock left, when at first they, having arrived before, had been told no. Weird here. ❓
  • Things get complicated when, with people asking, the manager appears. This releases the lapidary phrase of ‘Why do you say anything if I was keeping them‘, this to the girl at the ticket office. ❗
  • Subsequently escalate the discussions until the manager confesses that he had kept them to sell them and to give them to acquaintances with whom he had commitments. Come on, a robbery not only to the people but also to Selecta Vision. ❗

Ultimately, the girl explains that they ended up receiving the volume but with drawbacks as well, because the manager was very handy. I don’t know, it’s just that I’m fascinated by the hard face that many can have. Obviously this is something that has been explained only with the Arenas, but it is that you don’t even need to spend 5 minutes searching to see that, mysteriously, in theaters throughout Spain the stock of the “One Piece Film Red” manga that Selecta Vision gave away was already sold out in the first two preview sessions. It makes you think.

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