schedule and possible announcements of the highly anticipated anime panel

In a few days it will be exactly one year since the official announcement of the third season of Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-. Fans of this highly acclaimed isekai fantasy series have been patiently waiting for news about the new chapters to be shared ever since, and it looks like they’re finally getting what they wanted.

This weekend is celebrated AnimeJapan 2024, one of the most important events in the industry worldwide. And how could it not be otherwise, Re:Zero will have a special panel. What should we expect from him?

Schedule and where to see the Re: Zero panel at AnimeJapan 2024

  • The panel Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World- this will be carried out Sunday, March 24📅
  • It will have an estimated duration of 35 minutes, starting at 2:25am and ending at 3:00 Spanish time
  • It will be held in the Red Stagethe most important of all🔴
  • Unfortunately (as far as I understand) It will NOT be possible to follow live through any YouTube or Twitch channel❌❌

Possible ads

ReZero Emilia and Pack

Fortunately this time I won’t be relying on assumptions to try to figure out what announcements might occur on the Re:Zero panel; have official confirmation of something the producers will reveal:

  • An exclusive clip from Season 3 of the anime will be shown (via AnimeTV_jp)✅

Beyond that, one would expect news about the release date, the studio in charge of the animation and the technical staff who is in charge of the new episodes of the series. Maybe it will come out in the fall!

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