schedule and where to read chapter 1103 of the manga in Spanish

No matter when you read this, you will probably still be as shocked as I was after seeing the end of chapter 1102 of One Piece. When we thought that Oda-sensei’s manga couldn’t get more emotional and move us more inside, he offered us the Kuma flashback epilogue.

The author of the work said goodbye to 2023 in style with a true capitulation, so there is currently really looking forward to seeing what will happen in 1103. When does it come out?

One Piece chapter 1103 release date

  • As many of you know, One Piece manga is in the middle of a hiatus weekly😴
  • However on this occasion It is not due to a decision by Eiichiro Odabut because the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump will take a break on the occasion of the arrival of Christmas📖❌
  • So that, Chapter 1103 will not be officially published until next January 7 at 4:00 p.m. Spanish📅
  • But beware, it is expected that spoilers and leaks start appearing on the Internet starting next week🚨🚨

Summary of the previous chapter (1102)

  • Chapter 1102 focused on telling the life of Kuma and how he experienced first-hand the events of Thriller Bark, Sabaody and the previous Marineford War 👀
  • After witnessing Luffy’s progress and exploits, Kuma firmly believed that Straw Hat will be the person who will save the world.but unfortunately, as it was still early for him to enter the New World, he chose to teleport his crew to islands where they could train👒😄
  • parallel Vegapunk argued with Saturn because he did not want to completely erase Kuma’s consciousness, but the buccaneer agreed. willingly because during all this time he was able to bring peace to the lives of many people (and save Bonney)✅😡
  • Before his “death”, Kuma made a copy of his memories thanks to his Fruit and left them in Egghead so that Vegapunk could study them🧠
  • The chapter ended with a scene in which the scientists mourn Kuma’s transformation, and meanwhile, the self-proclaimed pacifist He asked Vegapunk for one last favor: When you see Bonney again please wish her a happy 10th birthday.🎂

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