schedule and where to read chapter 1106 of the manga in Spanish

We are in the first month of 2024 and things have already become very interesting again in the one piece manga. The Egghead arc is at its climax and the mugiwara are finalizing preparations to flee the island, however Eiichiro Oda still seems to be having an ace up his sleeve.

At the end of chapter 1105 it was dropped that there is a group that has yet to make their triumphant appearance at Egghead. Who will it be about? Maybe in 1106 we will clear up doubts. When does it come out?

One Piece chapter 1106 release date

  • Like the last two weeks before, the One Piece manga still He will NOT enter one of his classic breaks scheduled❌
  • He chapter 1106 will arrive Sunday, February 4 and can be read from 16:00 Spanish time📅
  • And as always you can enjoy it legal, free and in Spanish from the website/app Manga Plus🆓
  • As far as leaks go, here’s what to expect upon arrival:
    • First spoilers: January 29-30
    • Fully leaked chapter: January 31 – February 1

Summary of the previous chapter (1105)

  • In it chapter 1105 we saw how Buster Call began to destroy Egghead, before the sad gaze of Vegapunk🧨🧨🧨
  • Meanwhile saturn revealed that one day before his arrival on the island he gave the order to sink a ship that sailed from it, since they could know secrets of the Empty Century🚢❌
  • Bonney, Atlas and Kuma They fled towards the Laboratory, while sanji came to the rescue of the scientist😄
  • Nami commented that they can no longer use the giant robot to transport the Sunny to the sea, since Kizaru It destroyed it completely⚡🤖
  • In addition to this, Kizaru also intercepted Bonney’s group.and as they fell into the air, the Pacifistas began to prepare their lasers to eliminate them⚡
  • Meanwhile Luffy He was resting after binge eating at the fast food machine🍖🍖
  • And the chapter ended with a big surprise: a mysterious group sank a Navy ship and is heading to Egghead, Who will they be?❓❓❗❗

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