schedule and where to read chapter 139 of the manga in Spanish

In this industry it usually happens that when an anime is released and is successful, the sales of the manga it is adapting grow exponentially. What doesn’t happen so often is that the popularity of the work grows until it becomes a mass phenomenon, and this is exactly what happened to Oshi no Ko.

Akasaka Aka and Mengo Yokoyari have every reason to be satisfied with the series created by Doga Kobo, since thousands and thousands of people began to be interested in the manga as soon as they finished the last episode. Right now the plot is in its final stretch, and between all the tension of filming the film about Ai, Hikaru Kamiki is beginning to make its move. When does chapter 139 come out?

Oshi no Ko chapter 139 release date

  • The next chapter of the manga will be available from Wednesday, February 7 at 4:00 p.m. Spanish time📅
  • As announced a few days ago, Oshi no Ko entered a new weekly break and he won’t be back until next month❌❌
  • As soon as it is officially available, it can be read for free and in good quality from Manga Plusalthough unfortunately It will only come out with an English translation😭
  • Currently this work cannot be enjoyed in Spanish on the platformso the only way to follow the story without resorting to piracy is to buy the Editorial IVREA volumes📘📙

It is curious that Oshi no Ko has given us a comedy episode with slice-of-life touches and whose ending provides a dark twist to the plot. Is Kamiki involved in the production of Ai’s film? What is he up to? I already want to know how the story continues.


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