schedule and where to read chapter 140 of the manga in Spanish

Although it is not being mentioned too much among the best anime of 2023, partly due to the attention that other mainstream works such as One Piece or Jujutsu Kaisen receive, we should not forget about Oshi no Ko. The Doga Kogo studio did an exemplary job in adapting the manga by Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyariand is even winning some other prize for it.

As expected, the success of the anime catapulted sales of the original work, which is close to its final stretch. What will happen to Aqua and Ruby? Will they be able to meet face to face with their biological father? The story gets more and more interesting and the chapter 140 could provide us with some answers.

Oshi no Ko chapter 140 release date

  • The next chapter of the manga, chapter 140, will be available from next Wednesday, the day February 14 at 4:00 p.m. Spanish time📅
  • Once it is officially published it will be possible read good quality and free from the website/app Manga Plus🆓
  • Unfortunately can only be enjoyed in Englishsince at the moment this platform does not distribute the manga with texts in Spanish❌❌❌
  • To be able to read Oshi no Ko in Spanish, there is no choice but to resort to the volumes in physical format published by IVREA📘📙

Were you finding the most recent chapters of Oshi no Ko a bit boring? Well, hold on because it seems that things are going to get very interesting from now on. We’re finding out what the romance between Ai and Kamiki was like! (albeit from a fictional perspective). And it also seems that Himekawa was born as a result of sexual abuse by her mother towards Kamiki himself!


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