schedule and where to read chapter 143 of the manga in Spanish

Little by little the Oshi no Ko manga It is approaching its final stretch. Mengo Yokoyari and Aka Akasaka already know how the Hoshino twins’ story will end, and the production of the film about their mother aims to be the last piece of the puzzle that will finally reunite them for the first time with their biological father.

In between, some very interesting events are developing between the characters. On the one hand we have Ruby dealing with the pressure of imitating Ai while she manages her relationship with Kana, and on the other there is the issue of her kiss scene with Aqua. To everyone’s surprise, This morning an image was leaked on the networks that seems to belong to chapter 143 of the work and that would confirm one of the scenes most anticipated by fans. When will we clear up doubts about this?

Oshi no Ko chapter 143 release date

ruby and aqua
  • The next episode of Oshi no Ko, 143, will officially premiere next Wednesday, March 13 at 4:00 p.m. Spanish time📅
  • As soon as it is available worldwide, it can be enjoyed legally, at good quality and for FREE from the website/app. Manga Plus🆓
  • Unfortunately, Akasaka and Yokoyari’s manga is still not available in Spanish, so can only be read in English
  • I remind you that To have the work in Spanish you have to get the volumes in physical format distributed by IVREA📘📙

I was one of the people who “ate” this morning’s supposed spoiler which could belong to one of the scenes in chapter 143 of Oshi no Ko. I found it very strange that this image was published ONE WEEK BEFORE of its launch, however, the fact that the artist echoed it, added to the quality of the leaked panel itself, makes me think that could be a legitimate leak.

What do you think? Do you think THAT long-awaited moment between Aqua and Ruby will really happen?


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