schedule and where to read chapter 150 of the manga in Spanish

¡Chainsaw Man returns with a new chapter! Last week Tatsuki Fujimoto left us wanting more after seeing the resolution of the fight between Asa Mitaka and Yoshida, so next week it was time to discover what happened to Denji, Nayuta and Fumiko Mifune.

Today, chapter 149 of the manga was published worldwide, which offered 23 pages in which Fujimoto-sensei once again offered romantic comedy elements. Will you have something prepared for the 150th? We have to wait to find out.

Chainsaw Man chapter 150 release date

chainsaw man
  • The first thing to make clear is that Chainsaw Man goes on hiatus again scheduled for a week😴
  • This means that Next Tuesday there will be NO new chapter
  • The 150th episode of the manga will be published next day December 5 at 4:00 p.m. Spanish time📅
  • As soon as it is available worldwide It can be read in Spanish, at good quality and completely legally. through the official website/app Manga Plus🆓

What happened in the previous chapter?

  • Manga chapter 149 begins with the civilians organizing to stand up to the fake Chainsaw Men, so Denji, Nayuta and Mifune they end up hiding in an alley
  • Denji and the little girl want to return home to feed their dogsbut the member of the Devil Hunters association opposes this and is willing to use force to stop them🐶
  • So Nayuta uses her powers against an old woman so that she strangles Mifunebut Denji stops her by tickling her🤣
  • Mifune runs away and Nayuta tries to convince her “little brother” to let him go over to the side of the demons😈
  • Denji thinks about it, but then Nayuta realizes that he doesn’t want to abandon Asa Mitaka; The reason? That kid chainsaw likes it because she was the only girl who kissed him and then didn’t make him suffer😳😳
  • Then Nayuta asks him how much he likes Asa and how much he likes her, and when she sees that the protagonist loves the little girl more, both hug each other tenderly and they decide to go get their dogs once and for all🥰🥰

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