schedule and where to read chapter 156 of the manga in Spanish

Yesterday was very special for Tatsuki Fujimoto fans. In addition to the news that Look Back, the acclaimed ‘one-shot’ by this author, will have an anime adaptation, readers enjoy a new chapter of Chainsaw Man at a high level. The author once again played with our hearts with new panels and highly motivated dialogues, but he also made us worry greatly about the future of Nayuta.

Denji’s “little sister” could have met her death at the hands of a mob of civilians as enraged as they were crazed (Reference to Devilman?), and until the arrival of chapter 155 we will not know what really happened to her. ¿Is she dead or has she survived?

Chainsaw Man chapter 156 release date

  • The next episode of Chainsaw Man won’t arrive until Tuesday, February 27 at 4:00 p.m. Spanish time📅
  • As expected, the manga has once again been framed in the biweekly publication formatalthough sometimes it falls on the weekly ✅
  • As soon as it is available worldwide, it can be read legally, in Spanish and completely free from the website/app Manga Plus🆓

Summary of the previous chapter (155)

  • In chapter 155 we saw how Varm tricked civilians into attacking Nayuta mercilessly.which seems to be defenseless against so many armed people😱
  • After this Fujimoto-sensei presented us with a flashback about the origin of the brotherly relationship between Denji and Nayuta✅✅
  • The little one She realized very quickly that she is the reincarnation of Makimaand as he had doubts about his true identity and desires, he decided to move forward with the intentions of his previous entity👀
  • However, Nayuta got used to life with Denji and he became very fond of herthat’s why he forgot his initial objective of breaking the protagonist’s spirit by making him happy and then leaving him in the lurch💙
  • So Chainsaw Man woke up in a hospital bed after having a horrible nightmare– A younger version of Denji tells him that He will never be able to have a family because he murdered his own.; It’s a sin you can’t escape

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