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Many followers of Chainsaw Man manga They had been complaining for some time that the story of Part 2 was developing too slowly. This, added to the fact that you often have to wait two weeks to receive a new chapter, ended up exhausting the patience of a good part of the readers, but the situation took a turn last month.

Tatsuki Fujimoto came up with a couple of really good chapters that managed to attract a large part of the fans who had given up on following the manga on a weekly basis. The plot of Denji and Asa Mitaka is becoming more and more interesting and we are already looking forward to seeing what it will bring us in the future. chapter 158.

Chainsaw Man chapter 158 release date

  • The next chapter of Chainsaw Man will be available starting next Tuesday, March 12 at 4:00 p.m. Spanish time📅
  • Like last week, Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga remains in the weekly publication format, which is cause for celebration✅
  • As soon as it is available worldwide, it can be enjoyed legally, in Spanish and FREE from the website/app Manga Plus🆓

Summary of the previous chapter (157)

  • Chapter 157 begins with Asa (without an arm) and Kiga about to enter the Demon Containment Center with the aim of rescuing Chainsaw Man🔥🔥
  • The Hunger Demon promises Asa that The only way to save Chainsaw Man is to defeat him.and to do so they need to access the third underground level of the building❓
  • Both proceed to enter through the main door, and when the security turrets are deployed to eliminate them, they are shown to be inoperative due to a master plan by Kiga:
    • Asa had 1.3 million yen saved in the bank
    • Kiga drew up a contract indicating that, with that money, Asa had purchased all of the Demon Containment Center’s security systems.
    • Being a very innocent girl, Asa really believed that it was possible to get all that for that amount of money (her college savings).
    • And for this reason Yoru is able to control the turrets in the center with complete freedom.
  • After this, the security forces of the Demonic Containment Center go on alert and receive the order to eliminate the intruders.
  • Kiga assures that she will refrain from fighting because It is considered the ace up the sleevebut as soon as Asa trips, he falls and attracts the attention of the guards, He has no choice but to take action.😯
  • This is how chapter 157 ended

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