schedule and where to watch episode 10 of season 3

The third season of “Tokyo Revengers“continues to advance, and has already reached the point where it is going to reach a round figure: 10 episodes. However, this also means that we are getting closer to the end. And in principle this season will not be especially long, so there is less left for its conclusion.

But let’s not anticipate events. Today, I come to talk to you about when and where exactly we can see the next chapter of “Tokyo Revengers”. If you want to stay up to date with the story, I think the data I’m leaving right now may be useful to you.

Tokyo Revengers

Date and time of EP 10 of Season 3 of Tokyo Revengers

This is all the information about it:

  • Date: Tuesday December 5. 🗓
    • five pm in Spain. ✅
    • 12:00 pm in Mexico. ✅
    • 13:00 In colombia. ✅
    • 14:00 In Venezuela. ✅
    • 15:00 in Chile. ✅
    • 15:00 in Argentina. ✅
  • Where: Through the “Tokyo Revengers” profile on Disney +. ⭐️
Tokyo Revengers

And here comes the information about the premiere of the next chapter of “Tokyo Revengers”. Now, I would like to ask you… What character has dazzled you this season? I invite you to leave me your choice in the comments.

Before finishing, I remind you a most “curious” event related to this IP. And last summer They arrested one of the actors of the live-action “Tokyo Revengers”.

Schedules of other animes

This fall season we have other very good series that release their episodes week by week. And we are in the season in which the leaves fall from the trees, but also the good anime of the hands. These are the Premiere times for the new chapters of some of the most notable anime this fall.

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