schedule and where to watch episode 1092 in Spanish

What is that? Is that excitement and desire to discover what lies ahead for the mugiwara on Egghead’s Scientific Island? Well yes, this is exactly what the viewers of the show are feeling. one piece anime who are not up to date with the manga. This is the emotion conveyed by the beginning of a new story arc.

In these first chapters of the final saga of the series we are getting to know the Doctor Vegapunk and his allies, who carry out all kinds of experiments in their science paradise. But what will it have led to? Jewelry Bonney to travel there?

When does One Piece episode 1092 come out?


Below I leave you with all the important information you should know about the official premiere of episode 1092 of the One Piece anime:

  • Departure date: Sunday, January 28📅
  • Time: 09:30am in Spain
    • 02:30 am in Mexico
    • 03:30 am In colombia
    • 04:30 am In Venezuela
    • 05:30 am in Chile
    • 05:30 am in Argentina
  • Chapter title: “The sadness of Bonney!, The darkness of the island of the future”
  • Crunchyroll: here you can see the complete series with simulcastthe 1092 comes out at the same time as in Japan🟠
  • Netflix: here you can enjoy the Egghead arc exclusively and with delaycast (1092 will arrive next week)🔴

In last week’s episode, viewers were able to meet first-hand two of Vegapunk’s allies: Atlas and Shaka. Both have the odd mystery to reveal, but what other secrets does the Island of the Future hide? You will discover that in this Sunday’s episode.

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