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These weeks we will be without news of the manga one piece. The author of the work, Eiichiro Oda, decided to stop his work to take care of his health in view of what happened to one of his idols: Akira Toriyama. This made the fans who always worry about the mangaka’s health quite happy, although it also caused some sadness due to the absence of new chapters until the end of next month.

Luckily we have the One Piece anime left, which will continue to offer us new episodes of Egghead every seven days. This weekend it’s time to see the chapter 1099. What can we expect from him?

When does One Piece episode 1099 come out?

Vegapunk in One Piece

I will immediately leave you with all the information you should know about the premiere of the next chapter of the anime one piece:

  • Departure date: Sunday March 31📅
  • Time: 10:30am in Spain
    • 02:30 am in Mexico
    • 03:30 am In colombia
    • 04:30 am In Venezuela
    • 05:30 am in Chile
    • 05:30 am in Argentina
  • Chapter title: “Preparing the interception! Rob Lucci attacks!”
  • Where to see– There are currently two options available:
    • Crunchyroll: here you can enjoy the series in its entirety and with simulcast; episode 1099 comes out almost at the same time as in Japan🟠
    • Netflix: On this platform you can only see Egghead’s arc, and also with a delaycast (1099 will arrive a few days late)🔴
luffy and chopper

In the preview for this episode, the narrator anticipates that CP0 will successfully dock at Egghead and prepare to fulfill its mission: assassinate Doctor Vegapunk. Among the members of this platoon we can see Stussy, Kaku and the fearsome Rob Lucci. The first major battle of the science island is about to begin!

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